Jana Trimborn

International Operations Manager

My name is Jana Trimborn and already in my childhood I developed a fascination for faraway places and everything foreign. I took my first step abroad at the early age of 12 by attending a language school in England. After finishing my schooling at an English-Bilingual High School, during which I intensely studied the Anglo-American world, I decided that it was about time to get to know another region of the world a little better. My bachelor’s degree in “Asian Studies” not only allowed me to engage with a continent that, too, had fascinated me for a long time, but also provided the perfect excuse for a long-term stay abroad due to the “urgent need to improve my Chinese language skills”. In 2016, I moved to Beijing for a year, which turned out to be such an enriching time that I decided without further ado to continue the rest of my education overseas. The year in China was followed by a two-year double-degree master’s program in “Asian Studies” and “Anthropology”, half of which I completed on Taiwan and half of which I completed in the Netherlands.
With the completion of my own university studies, however, the topic of studying abroad is still not off the table for me. As an employee of the International Student Office, I am happy to now be supporting a new generation of students on their way to an adventure abroad.

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