Julia Laufer

International Relations & Student Manager

Julia_LauferMy name is Julia Laufer and I finished my bachelor’s degree in Language, Culture and Translation Studies (English and French), followed by a Master’s program in Business Administration at FTSK Germersheim. I have been supporting the International Student Office team since September 2015.

Living in the USA for a while had always been my dream. My first trip to Florida reinforced this wish. Thus, in 11th grade I spent a year in North Carolina and attended an American high school. This was the best decision of my life. I am still thinking of all the special moments and I still visit my friends and my “second family” abroad on a regular basis.
I can only recommend a stay abroad to everyone out there as it brings many positive effects and great memories. Apart from acquiring important language skills and intercultural competencies, you will face and cope with challenges and hence develop your personality. You will have unique stories to tell and make friends for a lifetime. Back home, international experience will of course also have a positive effect on your professional life.

I loo forward to help you make this dream come true for you as well, and support you before and during your studies abroad.