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The goal of National University’s MBA program is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to become successful in managing businesses and organizations. Students will learn strategies for dealing with specific situations in ever changing economic conditions.

The MBA program establishes understanding and implementation of qualitative and quantitative decision making and facilitates students’ ability to problem solve in areas like finance, management, leadership, and marketing.

This program implements practical applications and case studies, as well as projects where students work together to strategize and gain more experience in the broad field of management studies.

Completing the MBA at National University usually takes most students 12-14 months. Courses enroll monthly on the unique one-course-per-month format and allow for flexible scheduling and online class options.

If you would like to specialize during your MBA, you can choose from one of the following specialization areas:

  • Marketing
  • Management Accounting
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Bank Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Leadership

Online MBA Program

If you wish to finish your MBA program online, we offer you to do so! All American and international students can complete their Master of Business Administration studies completely online – the biggest advantage for international students is that they can finish their studies from their home country. In doing so they do not have to immigrate into the United States but can continue their lives at home. Further information on our online education can be found here.

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

If you have completed your MBA and have studied at least nine months in the U.S., you can apply for an optional practical training (OPT) and spend up to 12 months in the U.S. while getting paid. Gain valuable work experience in the U.S. and profit by working in an American company during your stay abroad. More information on the OPT can be found here.

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Your benefits during the MBA program:

  • Small group seminars (15-20 students)

  • Build relationships with the American business community

  • Enjoy a creative learning environment

  • Gain intercultural skills

  • Improve your global business knowledge

  • Build an international business network

  • Get optimal career opportunities worldwide

  • MBA program can be completed fully online

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Semester Abroad

Which country is the right one for me? For many students, the US is one of the top destinations for studying abroad. And, of course, there are many good reasons for this!

Study in the USA - Semester Abroad at National University

Bachelor Degree

National University's curriculum offers more than 70 different bachelor programs and specializations, covering a wide range of subjects.

Bachelor Degree - National University

Online Education

More than 90 programs at the undergraduate and graduate level at National University degree programs can be completed online.

Student in a virtual meeting during online studies

MBA Program

National University's MBA program connects the conceptual understanding and application of qualitative and quantitative decision-making as well as creative problem-solving strategies across different industries.


Master Degree

Finding the right Master for your career is not always easy. Admission requirements and a consecutive Master's choice often make it difficult to change university or combine two different disciplines.

Master in the USA

Double Degree

The Double Degree Program at National University is exactly the right thing for all Master’s students who want to obtain an American degree in addition to a European university degree.


Language Programs

The academic preparation program will prepare you for your studies at National University. Discover California and improve your English at the same time. You will never forget this adventure!

USA - Language Programs

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