Camping Adventure at Big Bear Lake, US

Camping Adventure at Big Bear Lake, US

Camping at Big Bear Lake, USA
The great outdoors are calling! If you want to experience the full American culture, where this country all started and what its routs are, you should go camping. I went camping with a group of American friends. We left in the early afternoon on a Friday and stayed until Sunday.

The Campside at Big Bear Lake

Our campside

The Campside at Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Lake is a small city in San Bernardino County, about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles. It took us about four hours to drive there. The elevation is 2.060 meters. Because of the drought the lake has very low water and the trees and grass are dried out at the moment. Nevertheless the landscape is beautiful in an endless extension. We stayed on a small campsite where every group had their own part of the forest including a fire pit, grill and a metal container for food and other things that need to be stored away from bears.


“Light a campfire and everyone’s a storyteller” – John Gedde
A burning fire, everyone wrapped up in blankets and warm (winter) clothes sitting in their camping chairs, the stars shining above, hot chocolate, tea or whiskey to keep you warm, s’mores and the dark black forest around.

Girl with camping clothes and a water bottle

My camping outfit

The camping outfit
Since it is hot over the day with around 30 degrees Celsius and really freezing cold at night with about 10 degrees Celsius you should be prepared to bring a variation of clothes. Remember you are in the desert – and for a desert these temperature changes are normal. I definitely recommend to bring a scarf, boots, a beanie, a winter jacket or at least a sweatshirt and comfortable pants for sitting around the fire at night.

Keep in mind
A good night sleep while camping is very important, since there is a lot to do around the campsite like hiking or water activities during the day. It is important to keep the climate in mind and bug spray and a flashlight can also be very helpful. Cell phone reception is very rare and there is no possibility to recharge your devices on the campsite.

Mountains and trees at big Bear Lake

Nice views at Big Bear Lake

Camping in the US is definitely different than what you might think of: it is not comparable with camping Europe where you often enjoy big camp sites with house tents, bungalows, pools, restaurants, showers and bathrooms. In America that’s very different: camping is more a certain mindset of experiencing the great outdoors and going back to the American roots in a minimalistic way. As you may know America was discovered by pioneers, therefore the wild nature is part of it. Many Americans connect camping also with childhood memories. It’s an adventure and quality time with the family.

It has been a great experience and I can only suggest to everybody to go out and try the American camping experience!