Free Time Activities in San Diego

Free Time Activities in San Diego

Free time activities in San Diego
Student story by Daria K.

San Diego has plenty of free time activities. During my time in San Diego I was never bored due to there being so much to see and do. And the best part is, that most of these things are completely free.

Sea Lions

San Diego’s famous beaches
Americas finest City is known for its good weather. Unless you visit in May (maygrey) it’s always sunny and barely rains. So you have plenty of time to check out all of the beaches around San Diego. There is the breathtaking and a little bit hidden Black’s Beach in the northern part of La Jolla, which includes both nude and non-nude areas. In my opinion it’s the most beautiful beach in the City. Windansea beach is another really pretty beach in La Jolla. It is easy accessible and more public. Besides these two beaches, you surely have to see one of the main attractions in La Jolla, the sea lions. They are sunbathing near the water all day long. You can take pictures really close to these majestic animals. Just don’t get too close. If you want to be a little active, you can book a Kayaking Tour at La Jolla Cove. You can choose whether you want a single Kayak, or if you would rather share one with a friend.


Public Movie Screening

Other Activities
The App “Groupon” offers great discounts for Kayaking and all kinds of activities. You should download it, It helped me to save a lot of money. The bay called Mission Bay in Pacific Beach is perfect for Stand up Paddling. You can either rent a board, or take some lessons. Also don’t be afraid to take some surf lessons. Group lessons are quite cheap. A surfboard and a wetsuit will be provided for you and most important the instructors will help you to stand up at the board. On the weekends there is a public Yoga meet up at Pacific Beach in the morning where everyone can join for free. You only have to bring you own yoga mat. You can of course also just hang out and relax at the bay or beach. Last but not least, I recommend enjoying the boardwalk by riding a bike or walking. It’s also fun to rent a skateboard or rollerblades. Another cool beach I want to point out is Dogs Beach in Ocean Beach. People walk their dogs there and meet up with other dog owners to let their pets play together. If you love dogs, that’s the place to be. Almost every beach has bonfire spots. Bring food and do your own barbecue.

Besides the numerous beaches, San Diego offers public events almost every week. One of my favorites is definitely the public movie screening. Hundreds of people picnic in front of a huge public screen and wait for the sunset, which marks the time when the movie will be displayed. It’s really is a great experience to have. Needless to say there are many cinemas in town as well.