From San Diego to Las Vegas

From San Diego to Las Vegas

From San Diego to Las Vegas
Student Story by Nora C.

Getting to Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Therefore I also decided to visit the city of gambling and entertainment for one weekend while studying in San Diego! If you do not have your own car while in California, it is best if you do rent a car. There are many car rental companies located in San Diego and you should definitely make sure that you have unlimited miles and a good and sufficient insurance while taking the trip. Another option is to take the bus to Las Vegas. You can find numerous deals and offers on the Internet – just look out for them! The journey to the desert takes about five hours by car and seven hours by bus. Of course, the best time to arrive is at dawn because the city lights already shine from far away. Having arrived, I recommend first going on the famous strip. After this impressive walk we checked in the hotel and enjoyed our first night in the city of gambling. So you definitely have to stay next to the strip. Las Vegas never sleeps, so you can experience a lot of things.

The Strip by Night

What to Do and What to See
You will be encouraged to gamble even before you have arrived. You are allowed to play and stay in the casino at the age of 21. Some casinos offers free gaming lessons to those people who are not familiar with the subject. Your chance to learn about Black Jack, Roulette or become an expert at Poker. In addition, almost all casinos are open 24/7. Good to know is, that all casinos serve free drinks if you do gamble

Roadtrip to Vegas

Of course, the nightlife is unbeatable as well. Along the strip, there are a lot of clubs, bars and lounges. It is recommendable to look in advance where the best events take place. The cover is between 20 and 50 dollars for known DJs such as David Guetta or Calvin Harris. You should definitely invest money for the dinner at the Bellagio. From Fresh Pasta, Sushi, Fish to Pizza and more than 100 dishes; everything your heart desires.

There are dancing water fountains every evening in front of the Bellagio as well. If you want to see Las Vegas from above, the best way is by helicopter. Although flights can be very expensive. A fifteen-minute trip costs about 75 dollar. But you have an awesome and spectacular view over the shining city. Many lights need a lot of power, that’s the reason why the Hoover Dam was built in 1931. It is located 60 kilometers southeast of Las Vegas and is 221 m high. Today half a million households draw their power from the dam. So if you are already near, you have to have seen this. All in all, it was a great trip and it is definitely recommended.