National University Study System

National University Study System

Student Report by Luca N.

With this report I will try to inform you a bit about the student life and what to expect from studying at National University in San Diego. With all the other interesting things which you will experience during your time abroad, it is quite hard to not drift off into the other topics and stick to the less exciting but still important content instead. First of all, if you apply some good time management, are focused in class and study effectively, university will only take little of your time while you still achieve great results.

The Schedule

Your class is usually scheduled two or three times a week. So far, my fellow students and I had classes either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:30-10:00PM. In addition to that there are two Saturday classes which are often held by a time chosen by the professor and the students. For my courses this normally turned out to be late morning until early afternoon.

The Professors

How difficult it is to achieve good grades depends on the course but also a lot on the professor. As always, some professors take it easy whereas others are stricter. Even if it was hard sometimes and I did not receive a straight A, I have to admit that in my courses it was always possible to succeed. What is special of the professors here, is that they have an entirely different relationship to the students as back home. Professors who offer students a job opportunity are not the standard but not an exception either. Besides that, they really try their best to help the students out. Some professors insisted on texting or calling them any time somebody had a problem or got stuck with their tasks. Whenever a student reached out to them, they indeed were happy to help.

The Exams and Finals

The format of the exams and finals also highly depends on the professor or the course itself. The weekly quiz usually is highly popular and a larger final exam is pretty common, too. Besides that, everything else is possible such as larger group projects, weekly assignments or presentations. What is nice is that National University organizes the grading online and the results are available as soon as the grading is done.

The National University System

Almost everything at National University is organized through the online system. University emails and messages are collected there and should be checked every once in a while. Blackboard contains all organizational things about the specific courses. The online application is constantly improved and as shown in the screenshot has even a neat user interface.

The Students

Kind and helpful people from all around the US but also worldwide sums it up the best. Depending on your courses it’s likely to be thrown together with a new bunch of people every month. For exchange students I think this is a benefit since it broadens the social circle and therefore enhanc  es the chance of meeting other people with similar interests and making friends.