Sightseeing Around San Diego

Sightseeing Around San Diego

Sightseeing around San Diego
Student Story by Danijel N.

San Diego is an ocean city, but is also very popular with tourists. As a university student being able to do sightseeing for free or as cheap as possible is an advantage.

San Diego Coast


Cabrillo National Monument
One of the interesting places to visit is the Cabrillo National Monument. The sight has a statue commemorating a young conquistador by the name of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who claimed the land for Spain and name it San Miguel. The name of San Diego as we know it today was not its original, it became the one it is today 60 years after it was first discovered. The view that can be seen from the top of the monument is absolutely breathtaking. The entire city is laid out in front and it looks magnificent. In the same complex, an old Point Loma Light house can be visited as well. Since it was first time lit, it has been extinguished due to fog and low clouds obscuring the light, but it stands as a reminder of simple days, sailing ships, and oil lamps.To get into the grounds, you will have to spend a few dollars (10-15 USD) per vehicle and the pass is good for 7 consecutive days. Buildings on the grounds as well as the Tidepools, located on the opposite hillside, can be seen included in the price.

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
Another historic monument that can be visited, and get in for a discounted price with a student ID is USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. This is now a maritime museum which has astonishing collection of aircrafts. After serving as an aircraft carrier between 1945 and 1992, it was turned into a museum which is visited by approximately 1 million visitors annually. Besides being just a museum, Midway hosts multiple events during the year. During the summer, as a part of Summer Movies in the Park, you can go and watch classic movies on the flight deck of the ship for free. As a bonus, you can enjoy up close the aircrafts that are displayed on the deck and enjoy the view of down town San Diego. Being a National University student, you can be a part of organized field trips and experience it with your class mates.

Cabrillo National Monument

In the park that surrounds USS Midway, standing tall at 25-feet, is a replica of famous image of sailor kissing a woman in Time Square during the WWII. This statue originally was only supposed to stay in San Diego for few years, as a part of Unconditional Surrender series of sculptures. San Diegans loved it that much, that they collected the funds and got themselves a painted bronze statue as a permanent landmark.

A light stroll along the board walk will then take you to Seaport Village. It is a waterfront enhanced with shopping, dining, and summer concerts entertainment. It is in close proximity to downtown San Diego as well as local hotels.

In a nutshell, a nice afternoon walk, not including a full visit to USS Midway which will take you a good 4 to 5 hours, can be filled with history and entertainment along the San Diego downtown coastline.