Surfing in San Diego – Study Abroad USA

Surfing in San Diego – Study Abroad USA

Surfing in San Diego

Report by Jan G.

In my opinion the work vs. life balance is an essential thing for achieving your goals. So, after a long day of study it is important to focus on a personal activity, which calms you down and makes you happy. For me the best way to relax is to meet friends or do sports. Both is easy to do in San Diego. My favorite activity so far is surfing. I will tell you about my favorite surfing spots and the best way to start.

Surfing is not an easy sport, as it takes a lot of practice until you have figured out how to do it. That’s why there are so many surfing schools. If you want a professional trainer, that’s the easiest way to get started. But these surfing schools are expensive and the only thing they do is watch you trying to get into the waves and give you some tips. In my opinion you can save some money and just try it on your own. The good thing about those schools is that you will get a board and a wetsuit for rent, all included in the price you pay. I would recommend wearing a wetsuit especially in the winter months. The ocean will be 11 to 14 degrees Celsius – so it’s easy to get hypothermia. The second effect is that a suit protects you from the sun, which is really strong on the water.

If you try surfing for the first time, you should rent your board and suit first. Give it a try and decide afterwards if it is your thing or not. If you like it and you are in San Diego for a longer time, you can think about buying your own stuff. Good wet suits are about 120 Dollars and a used soft top board is about 90 Dollars; hard top boards start at 200 Dollars.

So, which board fits you the best? For beginners, I would recommend a soft top board, or foam board. With these boards, it is easy to get into the waves and you can catch smaller ones right next to the beach. You can recognize them if you feel the top of it – if it feels soft and squeaky. If the surface is hard, it is a board for more advanced surfers. With these boards it is hard to catch a wave, but you cannot only go with the wave you can ride the wave alongside. And you are able to handle the board with your feet.

In the first picture I show some of my favorite surf spots. For beginners, I would recommend Pacific Beach on the right side of the peer. There you have a lot of space to try it for the first time. I think it makes the learning process a little easier if there are not too many other surfers you have to worry about. Some of them can get really angry if you interrupt them. I hope I could get you a little interested in this awesome sport. It is a lot of fun and will make your California experience even better.