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To be fluent in English writing and speaking is absolutely essential in today’s working world and society in general. English is one of the languages most widely spoken in the world and therefore a universal language. It is not only first language in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and the USA, but is also official language and/or second language in many countries. English has become of great importance as a commercial language as well – globally operating companies often conduct contract negotiations, job interviews and meetings completely in English.

English serves as professional jargon in many disciplines and professional articles in natural sciences and humanities as well as in business sciences are often written in English. This way the publications can be read by a broad audience around the world.

When traveling, sufficient English skills are indispensable – not just in English-speaking countries. Wherever English is spoken as native language or second language, and many other countries as well, a good command of English proves useful when it comes to communication with locals.

Movies and TV series that were originally filmed in English enjoy great popularity in many countries around the world. A lot of times fans have to wait quite a while for dubbed versions to be published, and sometimes they notice that some phrases simply cannot be translated or that humor falls by the wayside. Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch movies and series in their original language or if you could read books in English?

English skills acquired at school may come in handy in smalltalk, but often don’t suffice in real life situations as mentioned above. To express yourself in English in a way that is understandable, to convey ideas, emotions and jokes in English – all this is really only possible when you have lived in an English-speaking country for a couple of months and when you have dealt with the English language on a daily basis.

No matter if you pursue a professional goal and want to learn Business English, whether you wish to gain a language qualification in order to be admitted at an English-speaking university, or whether you want to improve your English quickly – our universities surely have the perfect English program for your purpose.

Learn English in Australia

The Aspire Institute at the International College of Management, Sydney gives you the opportunity of obtaining Business English with language courses while completing a Diploma or Foundation program in Australia.

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Learn English in Canada

At Vancouver Island University in Canada students can choose between three different programs in order to attain English skills:  the University Preparation Program at VIU is designed for students who want to build skills for their success in the Canadian Academic culture. The Communications Program aims at improving students’ communication skills in English for work, travel or personal interest.  With VIU’s Language & Culture Program you can enjoy Canadian culture and activities of the season while learning English.

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Learn English in the USA

At National University in California you can prepare for upcoming challenges in the academic world with the University Preparation Program, or improve your English language skills in workshops taking place alongside your academic studies. National University’s English Camp and Conversation Courses are designed to impart knowledge about the USA, its culture, language and people.

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Learn English in the most fascinating locations in the world! – Our universities in Sydney, on Vancouver Island and in California offer programs designed according to your personal goals and skills.