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Semester Abroad in Canada at Vancouver Island University

You can spend your semester abroad at Vancouver Island University (VIU) in beautiful British Columbia, Canada either from January to end of April or from September to December. According to their home universities’ requirements for studying abroad students attend 3 to 5 courses during their semester abroad in Canada. For successful completion they receive 3 Canadian credits for each course, which translates to 6 ECTS at most European universities. If your home university requires you to bring back 30 ECTS from your semester at VIU, you would take 5 courses. Students who spend one or two semesters at VIU can choose from the entire range of courses offered at VIU, in accordance with their home universities.

Vancouver Island University is a public institution and is proud of being able to offer excellent education with small class sizes of 34 students maximum. This enables an interactive und learning atmosphere with personable engaging professors and lively discussions among classmates.

Government funding might help you finance your study abroad adventure in Canada. Additionally, the European office of VIU awards study abroad scholarships to European VIU students regularly and arranges photo and video competitions. Read further information on VIU here

Which Advantages does a Semester Abroad in Canada have for me?

Vast natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, rough beaches and a unique fauna make Canada’s west coast one of the dream destinations for students planning a semester abroad. Topped off with an excellent university, Vancouver Island University, you will have nothing left to be desired. Living in Canada for one semester is a unique experience. Unspoiled countryside, animals in their natural environments, star-bright nights spent at the bonfire – adventurous and fun. More features this region is known for are state of the art universities, multicultural and welcoming cities as well as modern architecture. The contrast of vast wild nature on the one hand and impressive modernity on the other is unique. Studying in Canada for a semester abroad has something to offer for nature lovers and arts fans alike. No wonder Canada has been ranked one of the top five countries with the highest quality of living for several years in the row now. What are you waiting for? Start your semester abroad in Canada this year and live the adventure of your life!

If you love nature and like hiking, camping or indulging in water sports and ranging unspoiled woods, or would like to experience whales first hand, spending a semester in British Columbia, Canada will be perfect for you. Especially Canada’s west coast features dreamlike landscapes and leisure time options for every nature lover. Whether you are into surfing in summer, skiing in winter, whale watching, white water rafting, or climbing in the mountains – you won’t have time to feel bored during your semester abroad in Canada. A number of Canada’s universities have outstanding reputation and offer ideal study conditions to their students, featuring great campuses, renowned professors as well as efficient innovative teaching methods. Having spent a semester in Canada can be the distinctive feature on your résumé which makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants when it comes to your dream job.

Last but not least, compared to other English-speaking countries like Australia or the USA, living expenses as well as tuition fees in Canada are still quite reasonable. This advantage gives you the opportunity to save some money for traveling and exploring this beautiful country during your semester abroad.

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I spent a fantastic study abroad semester full of exciting and unforgettable moments at Vancouver Island University. I highly recommend VIU for your study abroad period in Canada.

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