Semester Abroad USA

What advantages does a semester abroad in the USA provide?

You have decided to start a study abroad semester and now you have to choose a place and a university to fulfill your dream? Many students have the USA on the top of their wish list when it comes to study abroad destinations – and there are uncountable reasons for it!

Semester Abroad in the USA at National University

National University’s innovative one-course-per-month format gives you the opportunity to start your semester abroad in the USA at the beginning of any month throughout the year. Students can choose to spend their semester at the National University campus in either San Diego or Los Angeles. Depending on the requirements of their home universities students usually take 4 courses at National University for which they receive 30 ECTS back in Europe. Tuition fees are determined by the number of courses you plan to take at National University.
Government funding might help you finance your study abroad adventure in the USA. Additionally, our European International Student Office awards study abroad scholarships to European students of National University regularly and we arrange photo and video competitions for our students. You can find further information on National University here.

Which Advantages does a Semester Abroad in the USA have for me?

Have you decided to spend a semester abroad but are not sure which place to pick for this adventure? Many students dream of living and studying National University in the USA for a couple of months at least once in their lives and their reasons sound plausible:

Many companies value a semester abroad in the USA when looking for a new hire. American universities are renowned for their outstanding reputations and state of the art study programs. No matter which study field – biology, business, media, health, etc. – a number of US-professors are renowned experts in their respective subjects of teaching. Innovative teaching methods as well as state of the art campuses and facilities, excellent lecturers and students from all around the world who come to the USA in order to receive quality degrees speak for themselves.

Another advantage of spending a semester abroad in the USA results from the close economic and politic relations between Europe and the USA. European students who have had the chance to explore “the American Way of Doing Business”, who have become fluent in English and acquired a broad network of business contacts during their semester abroad in the USA can confidently enter the competition in the job market. A number of American companies have branches in Europe and offer career perspectives for comprehensively educated alumni, who – apart from being proficient in English – are familiar with the American business culture. Having spent a semester abroad int he USA provides students with the unique opportunity to acquire these skills and to boost their career.

On top of these reasons for going to the USA for one semester some students seek greener pastures and plan to stay in the country after completing their studies in America. The USA are one of the most desired countries for immigrants – interns, job hunters, adventurers and students alike dream of finding good fortune in the land of opportunity.

Completing a semester abroad in the USA has many advantages. Request further information on studying abroad at National University in California today and find out how you can make your dream of studying and living in sunny San Diego or exciting Los Angeles come true. No matter which campus you choose – your semester abroad in the USA will be a career boost and an unforgettable experience!

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Semester Abroad in the USA at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington

You can start your semester abroad at UNC Wilmington in North Carolina, USA, either in August or January each year. During your semester abroad your will take 5 courses in order to earn 30 ECTS. You also have the option to take up to 7 courses in total without additional fees. For a study abroad term at UNCW, you may also like to apply for BAföG (as a German student if you are eligible). In addition, our office offers different competitions awarding cash prizes and we support students with further interesting events.

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