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Our live webinars provide you with the most important information on study abroad topics, such as:

Visa USA

Students planning a study abroad period in the USA require a visa of category F-1. This webinar provides you with helpful tips and a step-by-step guide for your visa application. We will walk you through the online application process for your USA visa via the website of the US embassy in order to prepare you for your successful entry into the United States of America.

MBA in Canada

The MBA/MScIB program at Vancouver Island University offers you the opportunity to attain a Canadian MBA of VIU and a European Master of Science in International Business of the University of Hertfordshire in Great Britain. You will study in Nanaimo, Canada for the entire course of the program. VIU enables International students to enroll in the MBA program even without having studied a business-related undergraduate program, and to complete their degree within 14 months. In this webinar you will learn all about this unique degree and we will tell you what you need in order to successfully apply to VIU’s highly sought-after MBA program.

Organizing your Semester Abroad

You are planning to spend a semester abroad and more and more questions pop up, such as: What should I definitely pack? How much money should I plan with for each month’s living expenses? What should I prepare for when I am still in Europe? Don’t panic! We are here for you. This webinar provides you with a short summary of the most iportant To Do’s, information on housing, preparations, traveling and entering Australia, Canada or the USA, etc. Our checklist will make you a study abroad expert in no time and you will feel prepared for one of the greatest adventures of your life.

Study in Australia

Down Under – a place to fall in love with. The International College of Management, Sydney is located in walking distance to world-famous Manly Beach and offers a broad variety of internationally recognized study programs in one of the most fascinating places in the world. This webinar summarizes the most essential information on studying abroad in Australia and provides you with a list of the most important To Do’s and Must-See’s during your time at ICMS in Sydney.

Financing Options for a Semester Abroad

Most international students are unaware of the various possibilities to apply for financial support for their semester abroad. This webinar is designed to show you how to make your dream of studying abroad come true with the help of government funding, student loans or scholarships, and we will provide you with information on the scholarships we award regularly.

Master in the USA

Whether you are interested in completing a semester abroad or a full degree program in the USA – National University offers a colorful variety of study options on Master level for European students. This webinar is designed to inform you about the various Master programs at National University in San Diego and Los Angeles and provides you with helpful tips on applying for a Master semester or Master degree program abroad successfully.

Webinar Schedule

20.03.2020 3:30 pm: MBA in Canada – Ina Wagenblatt

23.03.2020 4:00 pm: Study in Australia – Helena Huyer

24.03.2020 4:00 pm: Master in the US – Svenja Preker

27.03.2020 3:30 pm: Visa US – Svenja Preker

30.03.2020 4:00 pm: Organize your semester abroad – Ina Wagenblatt

31.03.2020 3:30 pm: Financial aid for your time abroad – Helena Huyer

01.04.2020 4:00 pm: Study on the East Coast of the US – Bianca Mollenhauer

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