Bachelor Top Up in Australia

Have you completed at least two years at another recognized university in Europe or an equivalent educational training? Do you dream of living and studying in Australia and of upgrading your résumé with a university degree? If you can answer these questions with Yes you are eligible to complete your Bachelor Degree at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) with the so called Bachelor Top Up program.

You can finish your Bachelor Top Up program at ICMS in about one year, depending on your previous academic achievements. Since Bachelor programs at ICMS follow a trimester-format you can choose from three start dates throughout the year: February (Australia’s summer), May and September. Each trimester at ICMS, Bachelor students complete 4 to 5 courses and in addition take part in the popular Industry Training (internship) and gain valuable work experience even before graduating with your Bachelor’s degree.

The International College of Management, Sydney provides students with the opportunity to attain an internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree – the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), taking into account their previous educational background. Every applicant’s transcripts will be evaluated individually in order to provide a personal study plan. Upon successful completion of your BBM in Australia you can take up your Master studies either at ICMS or at other institutions, or start your career in international business and management, just as you prefer. Having attained work experience abroad as part of your Bachelor Top Up program will be an advantage when job hunting.

At ICMS there is a strong belief that the best learning combines practical work with a strong theoretical foundation. The balance of management and vocational training and a real culture of entrepreneurialism within ICMS equips students with the knowledge and skills to rise to the top of their desired careers. The (mostly paid) Industry Training is mandatory unless you have equivalent work experience

Bachelor Top Up in Australia – Tuition:

Tuition fees for the full Bachelor Top Up program at ICMS depend on the number of subjects. (In the off chance that not all your previously acquired credits can be transferred to ICMS, additional fees for further subjects may apply.)

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