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Upgrade Your Education at Vancouver Island University

You wish to attain an internationally recognized and globally valued university degree in International Management including real business experience, and you would love nothing better than to study and live abroad in Canada? The MBA program at Vancouver Island University is just the next reasonable step on your career ladder.

Vancouver Island University (VIU) in beautiful British Columbia offers Bachelor graduates a modern Master of Business Administration degree, suitable even for graduates without a business degree. This dual degree gives students the opportunity to graduate with both a Canadian Vancouver Island University Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a British University of Hertfordshire Master of Science in International Management (MScIM) in an intensive full-time format.

Study in one of Canada’s loveliest regions with classmates from all around the world. VIU’s state-of-the-art campus provides a dynamic and encouraging learning environment with small class sizes and highly qualified professors with years of experience in the field of international business.

You can start your MBA/MScIM program every January and September, and complete your degree within only 14 months. Students have the option to specialize in the fields of Finance or Marketing profoundly, or rather to take the general study path. The MBA program includes a business internship as well as an applied business project, combining knowledge and practical experience through a balanced integration of theory, research and practice. The internship takes place during the last quarter of the program and can be completed worldwide. Consequently, VIU’s MBA/MScIM is an excellent opportunity to prepare for your future career in the international job market. Upon completion of their MBA/MScIB students are eligible to apply for a Canadian work visa and stay in the country in order to earn even more work experience abroad. If you wish, VIU’s career services team will show you career possibilities and assist you in finding the right position for you after you graduate.

You hold an undergraduate degree in a study field that is not business-related? No problem – any Bachelor’s degree is accepted for application to VIU’s MBA program. Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a field that is not business-related simply start their MBA in Canada with a two-month foundation program and acquire basic economic knowledge in order to proceed with their MBA/MScIB.

An MBA in Canada opens many doors for your future: not only will you gain essential knowledge and skills which will prove useful in your career ahead, but you will also attain a network of international friends and business contacts,  earn relevant work experience in an English-speaking country abroad, and you will take a treasure trove of experience back home with you. Completing your MBA in Canada at Vancouver Island University will strengthen your self-confidence enormously and will upgrade your standing in the international business world.

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