English Language Program – USA

Learn English under the California Sun at National University

A good command of English is essential in today’s working world. Unfortunately, English learned in school hardly suffices when it comes to more in-depth conversations, negotiations or meetings in English. Why not improve your English skills profoundly where it is actually spoken as first language? Learn English in the USA in fantastic California and take a meaningful step towards your dream career.

Learn English in the USA – English Language Programs at National University

National University in San Diego and Los Angeles offers a variety of English Language Programs to meet the different needs and goals students have as well as their respective level of English. Experienced and caring instructors teach in engaging and interactive course settings that are fun and will improve your command of English noticeably. Besides useful vocabulary and grammar each English Language Program offered at National University teaches you methods of applying your newly acquired skills in practice and provides you with an exploration of contemporary American culture. Students can choose to complete their program at National University’s San Diego or Los Angeles campus.

Learn English in the USA: University Preparation Program

National University’s University Preparation Program helps students to gear up for their academic studies in the USA. Upon their arrival at National University students take a placement exam and are assigned to one of 8 course levels depending on your prior knowledge of English. Courses range from beginning through advanced levels, and cover vocabulary development, writing, grammar, listening, reading, speaking and presenting as well as editing. Each module is 4 weeks long with 24 hours of English classes each.

The first 6 courses in the University Preparation Program lead to an intermediate high command of English and the last 2 courses prepare students thoroughly for their academic study path in the USA. You will learn how to plan and write academic papers, how to conduct research, and how to paraphrase, quote and  summarize according to APA format. Completion of this intensive program waives English proficiency requirements and you can be admitted into degree programs at National University directly.

Learn English in the USA: English Communication Series

This intensive English program is designed to help students improve their English communication skills while learning more about intercultural and workplace communication in America and exploring American culture. National University’s English Communication Series consists of 12 courses in total which can be taken individually, and covers 72 hours of class time per month/per course. Students focus on developing fluency in the 4 major language components: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Learn English in the USA: Academic Preparation Course Series

This series of English courses is the perfect choice for students who want to gain essential and advanced academic and critical thinking competencies for further application in academic undergraduate and graduate studies in a variety of fields such as business, engineering, computing, health, and more. Besides vital vocabulary and terminology related to your field of study, you will practice critical analysis and conceptualization skills and learn methods of communicating professionally within your desired discipline. The 6 courses offered within the Academic Preparation Course Series are taught in National University’s innovative one course per month format. Business oriented students have the option to attend Business English courses to improve their language skills associated with their study field.

Learn English in the USA – English Camps: Conversation and American Culture

National University’s English Camp is designed for students who seek to explore American culture and practice their English communication skills at the same time. This program’s English courses aim to improve your conversation and writing skills. Various activities, events and excursions top off your experience of studying American culture and lifestyle where it actually happens. Going on shopping trips, beach barbecues as well as visits to amusement parks and museums while improving your English in Southern California – a time you will never forget!

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Improve your English at UNC Wilmington in beautiful North Carolina

Good English skills are of great importance when working in today`s business world. If you are interested in boosting your CV while enjoying a great time at a traditional American campus at the beautiful east coast of the USA, an English Language program would be the perfect fit for you!

UNCW offers a variety of English Language Programs on a High School as well as University level.

English Language Program, USA – Short Term

Intensive English Language Sessions

You want to be prepared for your academic track? This Intensive English Language Program is the perfect way for you to improve your English skills in a traditional American campus environment and while taking in the east coast lifestyle of the USA.

You may choose whether you want to stay for 5, 8 or 16 (full semester) weeks.

English Language Program, USA – Short Term

English Language & US Culture Summer Program

The 4-week English Language & US Culture Summer Program is an ideal match for everyone who would like to combine English language training with fun and adventure in a short period of time. Classes will be held from Monday through Thursday on the traditional American campus of UNCW. Happy Friday! Fun and exciting excursions to different places with the entire group will take place every Friday.

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