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Practice-oriented degrees with exceptional career prospects

“Yes, I completed my Master’s degree in Australia.” – This is a sentence that makes you stick out from the crowd and embodies the dream lots of European students have. Most of them, however, give up on that special dream before they even tried to make it come true, and yet it can be easier than you thought. In Australia, you can complete a Master program in business and management even if you didn’t acquire a business oriented Bachelor’s degree.

But completing your Master in Australia has more advantages: upon finishing your degree you will have lived and studies in Australia for two years and we bet your English will be business fluent. Studying Down Under for a full university program provides you with the opportunity to really get to know the country and its people, even more so than while spending a semester abroad. Having studied your Master in Australia will give you the much valued skill set to gain a competitive edge and exceed industry expectations in today’s job market.

Master in Australia – Study Abroad at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has a lot to offer: highly qualified faculty with outstanding  connections tot he business world, an international, professional, and practical learning atmosphere, and future-oriented Master programs in a spectacular learning environment in a breathtaking location just next to beautiful Manly Beach.

ICMS’s professionalism begins when you first walk on campus and as an ICMS student you will dress in business attire when you come to class. Impressions are important in the workforce and this is one of several ways you will be trained for your management career at ICMS. At ICMS, you will study (and live, if you wish) at a beautiful campus. The ICMS building with its Gothic style and romantic central bell tower is overlooking the azure of Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean. The area’s world-class attractions, golden beaches, pristine national parks and unique cultural experiences will make studying in Sydney an experience unlike any other.

Master in Australia – Programs

Standing out in today’s competitive job market is essential. Once you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, you can continue your studies at ICMS and enhance your knowledge and skills by taking one of our three postgraduate business degrees:

  1. Master of Management with the following specializations:
    • Management & Organisations
    • Tourism & Hospitality
  2. Master of International Business

Both Master programs consist of four semesters and last two years in total. All postgraduate programs at ICMS combine a solid and practical grounding in business fundamentals with research-focused industry training in which you will collect valuable work experienced by being placed in an organization for 600 hours and apply your skills and knowledge to real business situations.

Upon successful completion of your Master in Australia, you will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa and to stay in the country for another two years to work for an Australian company.

Do you wish to study in a Master program in Australia for one semester only? The International College of Management, Sydney offers a Graduate Certificate of Business. Comprising four subjects in one semester of study this program is ideal for Bachelor graduates who would like to upgrade their qualifications, and for students enrolled in a Master program at a European university and want to go to Australia for a semester abroad.

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