Going Abroad after School? – Gap Year in Australia

You have finished school and have no idea what or if to study at a university? You love traveling and exploring new countries? The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) gives you the chance of getting an international university start with economic focus, while acquiring valuable work experience at the same time. You don’t even need to decide for a specific study program: get a taste of student life at one of the most fascinating places in the world and enjoy Australia!

Gap Year at the International College of Management, Sydney – Program Structure

The academic year at ICMS is divided in trimesters, consequently there are three possible start dates for your Gap Year in Australia: September, February and May. You can complete your Gap Year with the Diploma of Business Management in just one year (3 trimesters). During the first two study terms you will take 4 Business & Management courses each and you will study together with Australian and international students, right next to stunning Manly Beach. Your last study term lets you focus on practice alone: you will collect work experience in an Australian company for 600 hours, which will clearly upgrade your CV.

Gap Year in Australia – Advantages

Professional English: Living and working in Australia for an entire year has many advantages: for one, you will improve your English enormously while abroad and it will come naturally. This will surely make you stand out from the crowd when it comes to realizing your future career plans, whether you will decide for a full study program at a European university or a university abroad, or for a professional training.

Exploring Australia while getting career-ready: After going to school for years and working hard for their final grade, most high-school graduates probably long for a change of scene and are eager to explore the world, while their parents would be happy knowing their kids are enrolled in a university program or professional training. Completing a Gap Year at ICMS, you can have it all: explore Sydney and live in walking distance to world-famous Manly Beach, with various leisure time possibilities, and during your term breaks you will have the chance to discover other spots in Australia as well! At the same time, you will be enrolled as a full-time student and complete about 16 hours of classes per week at the amazing International College of Management, Sydney, where you can choose courses from a broad variety of fields: Business Management, Event Management, Hospitality Management, International Tourism, Property Management, Sports Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Marketing and New Media Management and Retail Marketing. The perfect way to find out whether an economically focused study path is the right thing for your future, and which specialization you are most interested in. Upon successful completion of your Gap Year you will receive the Diploma of Business Management and, ideally, will be able to transfer the credits you earned at ICMS to your future university in Europe*.

Living on campus and making friends from around the world: While studying at ICMS for your Gap Year in Australia, you have the chance to live on the breathtaking campus. Leonardo DiCaprio played “The Great Gatsby” here a few years ago for Baz Luhrmann’s box-office hit. About half of ICMS’s student body is Australian, the other half of your study mates comes from over 40 different countries – an exciting mixture and a great opportunity to gain intercultural experiences and to tie a broad network of international friendships and future business contacts.

International work experience: As an ICMS student you can work for up to 20 hours a week on your student visa while being enrolled full-time for your Gap Year. This way, you are able to earn money for planned trips and fun activities while gaining essential work experience in Australia, in addition to your practical term. Your future boss is very likely to be very impressed by your practical experience.

Is a Gap Year at ICMS in Australia the right choice for you?

– Yes, the Gap Year at ICMS is perfect for you, if you

  • are looking to grow both personally and professionally
  • want to improve your English skills notably
  • wish to upgrade your CV
  • are looking to get a taste of university and student life
  • wish to upgrade your education while exploring Australia

Is Sydney the right place for your Gap Year?

– Yes, Sydney is the ideal place for your Gap Year in Australia, as it offers:

  • very high quality of living
  • various possibilities to do sports and to spend your leisure time
  • one of the safest cities in the world

Is ICMS the right college for your Gap Year?

– Yes, ICMS is the optimal college for your Gap Year, as it features:

  • highly qualified and experienced faculty with outstanding connections to the business world
  • international flair
  • a safe campus in a breathtaking surrounding
  • comprehensive support with the application process as well as on site
  • accommodation options on campus, including meals
  • outstanding learning environment

Gap Year in Australia – Tuition

For current Tuition fees for a Gap Year at the International College of Management, Sydney, please contact our European office.

Gap Year at ICMS  – Application

If you wish to apply for the ICMS Gap Year Program, please submit the following documents via postal mail to our European office in Mainz, Germany:

  • Gap Year Application Form
  • High School Transcripts
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Photo

Request further information on the Gap Year at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) in Australia – of course, our services are free of charge and without any obligations:

Request further information on the Gap Year at ICMS!

*If you can transfer credits – and if yes, which amount of credits – you can transfer from ICMS to your future university in Europe entirely depends on the guidelines of the university of your choice. Please inquire about credit transfer possibilities beforehand.