High School Year in Canada

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Are you thinking of spending a high school year in Canada? Many students dream of studying abroad already during their time at high school. A couple of years ago, the vast majority of high school students from Europe wanting to go abroad spent their high school year in the USA. However, Canada is becoming more and more popular as an alternative for spending an amazing year abroad. Canada’s educational institutions and high schools enjoy a high reputation.

High School in Canada: The High School at Vancouver Island University

The High School at Vancouver Island University (THS) is a well-reputed high school that is poplar among Canadian as well as international students and offers a great experience abroad in Canada. In all PISA studies conducted every three years since 2000, Canada’s high school students ranked among the top 10 for almost all tested categories. Spending a high school semester or year abroad is a great way to improve your English and to gain a big chunk of life experience at the same time. You will get to know students from all around the world and will have to find your way around without your parents, friends and family close by. This unique experience will make you more independent and self-confident, you will learn how to stand on your own feet.

Do you think studying at the High School of Vancouver Island University in Canada the right step for you? Contact our colleage Aamera Jiwaji at the High School for a personal consultation for your high school year or semester abroad and start your big adventure!

High School in Canada: Experience the High School at Vancouver Island University

o    Average class size of 12 students
o    Close connection to Vancouver Island University
o    Uniquely situated on university campus with access to all facilities
o    Preparation for university studies
o    Individual attention
o    Students from Canada and all around the world
o    Summer Camp Program for students of 14 to years of age
o    Distinguished home stay program

High School in Canada: Campus Lifestyle

The High School at Vancouver Island University is part of a unique learning community in Canada: although the High School at Vancouver Island University is a private high school, THS students have the exceptional opportunity to connect with Vancouver Island University, a public Canadian university with currently 18,000 students. This concept of the High School at Vancouver Island University is unique in Canada and enables students to become acquainted with university and campus life, to explore the university library, labs and working spaces featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Being able to getting to know all these facilities and amenities within the safe and caring community of a smaller high school is a great advantage for THS students. All high school courses are taught by well-educated, qualified and encouraing teachers and take place in small groups within a pleasant and comfortable learning environment.

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