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Sports Events on Campus

Sports Events on Campus

Student Story by Anna G.

The university has many sport teams on campus which are really good and it is a great thing to just go and watch and support them. With your Onecard (which is your student ID card) you are able to attend all these events for free! How cool is that?! If you like to watch sport matches I would highly recommend you to visit them as it is always a lot of fun. Besides that you are able to earn points with an app (TeamTealApp). For every event that you attend you get points with which you are able to choose from a number of prices. I attended the volleyball, basketball, baseball games and soccer matches. I really liked watching Volleyball and the UNCW university team is very good and talented, so it is great to watch. If you like Volleyball,  I would definitely recommend you to go at least one of the games. During my time at UNCW I also went to my first basketball game ever.

We had to wait around 2 hours in line because there are only 900 student tickets and the game was a popular game, as UNCW played against UNCC (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill) – but we made it! The game as well as the whole atmosphere were simply amazing. Although I am normally not the biggest Basketball fan I was surprised about how much I liked it. So for the people, who normally don’t like Basketball too much, I would still recommend you to go as it is a lot of fun. Get out of your comfort zone and experience something new – UNCW and your time abroad offers all these great events and you should definitely take advantage of them.

Football GAME
Unfortunately UNCW does not have an own football team. However, the International office of UNCW gave interntional students the opportunity to visit a football game in Chapel Hill, which is not too far away from Wilmington.  Due to the restricted number of tickets, you need to be fast to sign up for the event as they are always really popular. A link will be sent out to you and as soon as you have access to this link you should register to be able to go. If you haven’t been to a football game before and also if you have been to one, I think it is a great opportunity to go. It was a 3 hour drive to Chapel hill and it was definitely worth it. I would go again anytime.