A Day in Downtown Nanaimo

A Day in Downtown Nanaimo

Student report by Christina F. РA Trip to Downtown Nanaimo 

Nanaimo is really a small city, actually it is more like a village. I am used to Cologne so it was quite a change-over for me. But anyway there are really nice places in downtown and its surroundings.



In one of my first days we went with a few mates to the harbor by night. It is kind of romantic. You see the lightened up boats and the promenade. You can have a good walk there. Moreover there is a restaurant directly at the harbor where you have a view over the sea. I have eaten there once and it is yummy and affordable regarding Canadian circumstances and the location. So I can really recommend to have dinner or lunch there it is quite nice.




Of course you cannot go studying abroad without a proper party. I have to admit that there are not really a lot opportunities but a few are there. I just can highly recommend the Old City Pub and the club next to it called Level Two. Keep in mind that all clubs are closing at 2am so you have to adjust your party time hours maybe getting started earlier than you are used to. The Old City Pub is a big pub where you actually can have a beer, chill and watch football but around 10 pm on weekends a DJ starts playing music. Then the chilled pub becomes a little disco, it is really fun! Around midnight most of the people go to the club next to it called Level Two. There you can properly party but keep in mind that drinks are really expensive there! If you do not want to go to downtown, every Thursday there is party at the VIU pub. I have to admit that it was not super crowded every time but it was fun though. The VIU pub is closing by 12pm so if you like you can go downtown after this. We made friends with a bus driver who brought us right in front of the Old City Pub. So be kind and maybe you will get a ride right to the place you want to go.



If you prefer a calm life or for the day after it there are a lot of parks in Nanaimo. You can walk along the harbor in downtown. There you will pass a little park where you will find a lot of dogs and people walking by. You can sit there and watch the sea, watch eagles and boats passing by. It is peaceful. Additionally
there is a park called Bowen Park. I can highly recommend having a walk there. It is not directly in downtown but it is not quite far. You can take a bus there. The Bowen Park is really amazing. You have the changing feeling of being in Ireland or in a jungle. That is what I like most about Canada it is so varied.