Financial Aid & Scholarships for your Studies Abroad in Australia, Canada and the USA

Are you planning to study abroad in Australia, Canada or the USA for one semester or a longer period and could use financial support for your adventure? To study abroad in English-speaking countries often implies higher costs which are likely to discourage European students. However, there are several scholarships and financing options out there that can help you make your dream of studying abroad come true.

International Student Office Scholarships

The European office of the International College of Management, Sydney in Australia, Vancouver Island University in Canada, National University in the USA and University of North Carolina Wilmington in the USA awards several scholarships every year to support students who successfully apply for a semester abroad via the International Student Office.

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Other Study Abroad Scholarships

Apart from the scholarships awarded by our office there are various financing possibilities for your studies abroad. Most students consult their contact person at the international office of their home universitiy as a first step when looking for financial aid. Your home university might have internal funding to support students who want to study abroad and you can learn about these possibilities and their requirements.

Additionally, various organizations in European countries award scholarships to students who are planning to study abroad for a semester or a longer period.

Government Funding

Many students are able to fulfill their dream of studying abroad with the help of government funding. The respective funding programs and conditions depend on the government of your country of residence. It might take some time and research to find suitable government sponsored funding for you. You might want to contact a study abroad advisor at your home university and ask them for tips and experiences.

Education Loans for Studying Abroad

In case you do not have the chance to be supported by your government, a scholarship or your home university, there is the option to make use of a student loan in order to finance your study abroad adventure. Be sure to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions when looking into a specific student loan. Student loans and education loans are available via credit institutions and banks or other institutions.

Regardless of the type of financial support, whether financial aid & scholarships, government funding or education loans: it is advisable to inform yourself thoroughly about the various financing options for a semester or full study program abroad and to research databases online. Start your research for a suitable funding possibility early to have a carefree and happy time abroad full of wonderful experiences!

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