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Master in Canada

Career boost and adventure in one

Canada – land of infinite forests and breathtaking landscapes and the epitome of adventure for many. The country’s importance as a study location for European students has increased as well. Completing your Master in Canada has many advantages and makes you stand out from the crowd in today’s job market.

Compared to spending one semester in Canada, students who do a full Master program abroad have time to deeply immerse in the Canadian culture and to establish close ties with the locals. You will improve your English skills enormously living and studying in Canada for more than one year and will gain self-confidence, valuable intercultural experiences, and build a network of international friends and business contacts – all accomplishment your future boss will surely appreciate.

Master in Canada – Study Abroad at Vancouver Island University (VIU)

Vancouver Island University (VIU) is located in picturesque Nanaimo at Canada’s beautiful west coast and has ranked as one of the most popular universities in British Columbia for years. The state-of the-art campus, equipped with the latest technologies, as well as the small class sizes of 34 students maximum enable an ideal learning atmosphere and dynamic interactions between professors and students.

At VIU experience matters. Staff and faculty are committed to supporting your educational journey by creating an environment where you can realize your goals, where students’ viewpoints are heard, and where everyone matters as an individual. At VIU, students are engaged in a high quality and dynamic university experience in a spectacular natural setting.

Master in Canada – Programs

Completing your Master in Canada at Vancouver Island University gives you the competitive edge and lets you stand out from other graduates. Upgrade your professional skills with a Master program at VIU:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Education in Special Education
  • Master of Community Planning
  • Master of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications

VIU’s Master programs are 3 semesters to two years of length and all of them provide you with the chance to gain professional knowledge in your desired study field, and to acquire a future-oriented degree from an outstanding Canadian university.

Upon successful completion of your Master in Canada, you will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa and to work for a Canadian company. For more information on the work visa and application process please consult the Canadian Embassy.

Canada Programs at Vancouver Island University:

Semester Abroad > 

Canada semester abroad: Endless expanses, breathtaking scenery, rugged coastlines and unique wildlife make Canada's west coast a dream destination for students.

Semester Abroad in Canada

Bachelor degree > 

Bachelor degree - Speak perfect English, get international contacts and know Canada like your own pocket: Complete a bachelor's degree in Canada brings many benefits.

Bachelor in Canada at VIU

Master degree  > 

Academic excellence paired with whale watching, surfing in the Pacific, or exploring the Canadian Rockies - a master's degree in Canada makes it all possible.

Master in Canada - VIU

MBA Program > 

Your economics Bachelor degree is not enough for you? With the Canadian MBA degree of VIU you are ready for an international management career. Also open to non-business students!

MBA in Canada at Vancouver Island

Exploratory Studies > 

Taster study in paradise on Canada's beautiful West Coast: Experience the VIU campus and get a taste of university life - with no pressure and with guaranteed fun.

Exploratory Studies at VIU

Language Programs > 

The academic preparation program will prepare you for your studies. Discover Canada and improve your English by the way. You will never forget this adventure!

Language Programs at VIU

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