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Study Abroad in Australia at ICMS

Study Abroad in Australia at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)

Since 1996, the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) offers students outstanding study opportunities in a unique location next to the world-famous Manly Beach.

Study programs at ICMS

Whether for a trimester or for a recognized bachelor’s or master’s degree – at the International College of Management, Sydney you will definitely find the appropriate study program for a future career in business and management:

Do you have questions about the study programs and subjects at ICMS in Australia? We advise you free of charge and without obligation, help you to find the right study program and answer your questions:

Study in Australia

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Your benefits

  • Future-oriented courses in Business & Management with many possible specializations
  • Highly qualified professors with excellent connections to the business world
  • Small classes
  • Personal and practical learning atmosphere
  • Internationality of students
  • Industry Training (first job experience)
  • Fantastic location on Manly Beach with great leisure opportunities
  • Scholarship possibilities
Study Abroad in Australia at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)

Study Abroad in Australia

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Semester dates

Bachelor programs and Master programs at the International College of Management, Sydney are divided into trimesters. Students can start their study abroad program at ICMS in the Australian three times per year:

February Term 2023:

  • 30 January – O-Week
  • 6 February  – Academic Trimester starts
  • 5 May – Academic Trimester ends

May Term 2023:

  • 17 May – O-Week
  • 22 May  – Academic Trimester starts
  • 18 August  – Academic Trimester ends

August Term 2023:

  • 28 August – O-Week
  • 4 September – Academic Trimester starts
  • 24 November – Academic Trimester ends

Manly (Sydney) – the home of ICMS

Manly – Sydney’s legendary district and home to ICMS – is the perfect study destination thanks to its great surfing and leisure possibilities. In Manly you are “Seven Miles from Sydney, but a Thousand Miles from Care” – a slogan that fits perfectly well to the dream location of the International College of Management, Sydney. Nevertheless, the big city flair of the metropolis of Sydney is only a stone’s throw away. Learn more about the stunning location of the ICMS and our historic campus.

Auslandsstudium Australien - Surfing am weltberühmten Manly Beach

Study Abroad in Australia – scholarships

Studying abroad in Australia is not exactly cheap. The International Student Office is the direct European office of ICMS, Sydney and awards several partial scholarships to students from Europe each year. Our scholarships are awarded every six months and are combined with authentic reports from our scholarship winners. Click here to find out more about our scholarships and terms and conditions.

I can say without doubts that I had the best time of my life in Sydney. I lived in a castle, made friends from all over the world, improved my English and made great trips!

Yannic S. - Study Abroad Australia

Financial aid

In addition to our partial scholarships, there are other ways to finance your studies abroad, such as state funding. By the way, did you know that you can work up to 20 hours a week while studying at ICMS? Outside the lecture period you can even work up to 40 hours per week.

Auslandsstudium Australien - ICMS Business Attire

Tuition fee at ICMS

Unlike many European countries, studying in Australia, even for native students, is more expensive. At the International College of Management, Sydney, tuition depends on the degree you would like to achieve. Whether studying a Bachelor or Master semester abroad, a full Bachelor or Master degree or a gap year – here you will find a listing of the current tuition fees at ICMS.

Business Attire

At ICMS students, lecturers and employees have a dress code, the so-called Business Attire. At first you might need some time to get adjusted, but in the end it is a good preparation for your future career in business and management. What exactly Business Attire is and why it is so important, you can find here.

ICMS Ambassadors

SDo you have questions that you would like to ask an ICMS student? Our ICMS ambassadors have spent their own study abroad at our college in Australia and know ICMS perfectly. The Ambassadors are happy to answer all your questions and give you first-hand tips on living and studying at ICMS, Sydney. Contact our ICMS ambassadors here.

Living at ICMS

The beach is just on your doorstep and you will be studying under the palm trees – you can enjoy the unique environment of the imposing university building even after the lectures, if you decide to stay on the ICMS campus. Other students decide to share apartments in downtown Manly. Here you will find detailed information about the various housing options during your study abroad in Australia.

Auslandsstudium Australien Bewerbung

Study Abroad in Australia

Apply now!

Would you like to belong to the ICMS family as well? The team of the International Student Office is happy to assist you during the entire application process, completely free of charge. Contact us directly and to get information about the application process. You would like to get started with the application right away? Take the first steps towards studying abroad Australia.

* Only applies to undergraduate study abroad students (4 subjects) from our partner institutions coming to ICMS for 1-2 trimesters. Is applied in AUD (3,100 AUD equal 2,093€, October 2022)