VIU Ambassadors

VIU Ambassadors

The Ambassadors of Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Canada look forward to hearing from you!

Are you interested in studying abroad at Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Canada and would like to know first-hand what it’s like to live and study in beautiful British Columbia? We are sure you have a number of questions that could be answered best by someone who has actually studied at Vancouver Island University – someone who has undergone the same application process and who knows VIU like the back of their hand.

Our Ambassadors have all completed a study program at VIU and finished their study abroad adventure in Canada quite recently. They look forward to supporting you and to helping you with all questions concerning studying and living at VIU.

Which course is the best? Which professor is the funniest, and what does a typical study day at Vancouver Island University look like? Where should you live in Nanaimo, and how do students at VIU spend their leisure time? – Contact our Ambassadors and get first-hand insights by VIU alumni. Our Ambassadors surely have some tips you wouldn’t be able to find in a guidebook.

Our VIU Ambassadors introduce themselves:

Lea L.

Lea L.

VIU Ambassador 2024


Hello everyone! My name is Lea, and I am 22 years old.

Last year, in 2023, I spent a winter semester at Vancouver Island University. There, I studied Social and Political Sciences in the Bachelor’s program and took a total of four courses: two focusing on politics and two on sociology. I found all the courses interesting and really good, but I enjoyed the sociology course on racism and the politics course on war and peace the most. What I found particularly cool about the sociology course was that one day we watched a film or documentary about racism in the USA and Canada and then analyzed it in the next session. It’s worth mentioning that this course was divided into two parts and took place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, my lecturer was super motivated and always engaged us in fascinating discussions about the films.

The politics course on war and peace was exciting for me because I find the topic very interesting. But here too, the lecturer contributed a lot and simply fueled my interest even more through engaging discussions.

VIU itself is a really cool university, and I loved that there were always excursions offered for international students, allowing us to experience even more and explore Vancouver Island itself. The advantage of these trips and tours is that the prices are student-friendly and much cheaper than external providers. Additionally, through various activities, you constantly meet new people, and I really felt like I was making new friends all the time. Nanaimo is a beautiful coastal city, and the nature on the island is incredible. I could explore so much and was hiking almost every weekend with my host mother or through university outings. Canada has an incredibly impressive landscape, and I will definitely come back there again.

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