Semester Abroad Australia

Semester Abroad in Australia

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)

At the International College of Management, Sydney, you can spend a semester abroad in the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The Bachelor and Master studies follow a trimester structure from February to May, May to August, and August to November. A big advantage of a semester abroad at ICMS is the compatibility with the European higher education system.

Financial support for your ICMS semester abroad Australia

To finance your study semester abroad in Australia you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during your studies with your student visa. In addition, we award some study abroad scholarships to European ICMS students through our Office and arrange photo and video competitions with cash prizes for our students.

Semester Abroad in Australia at ICMS – your benefits

  • Practical Business & Management studies with many specializations
  • Compatibility with the European higher education system
  • Study within walking distance to the famous Manly Beach
  • Highly qualified professors with excellent connections to the business world
  • Small classes and international students
  • Personal and practical learning atmosphere
  • Fantastic location with great leisure opportunities
  • Scholarship possibilities

G’day mates! Maybe you are wondering: Why ICMS, why Australia, why go to the other side of the world? It’s simple: ICMS offers a broad variety of study subjects which allows you to develop academically and to live ‘the’ dream. The people, the Australian culture, studying in a ‘castle’ in Manly – ICMS is the perfect opportunity to combine living ‘Down Under’ with studying and to have a unique experience.

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Semester Abroad Australia

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Are you dreaming of studying abroad in Australia, Canada or the US? Our team will be happy to advise you on your study opportunities in Sydney, Vancouver Island, California and North Carolina free of charge and without obligation.

International College of Management, Sydney

Master in Australia

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Leisure opportunities in the ICMS semester

A semester abroad at ICMS has so much to offer. Whether a jeep tour across the Australian outback, hiking in the Blue Mountains, surfing at Manly Beach, or enjoying cultural highlights in front of Sydney’s impressive Opera House – you won’t have time to feel bored during your term at ICMS.

ICMS Semester abroad – subjects

During a Bachelor term abroad in Australia students usually take four courses per trimester. Each course can be translated to 7,5 ECTS. European universities often require students to bring 30 ETCS from their semester abroad, which equals 4 courses at ICMS. However, you can also only take 3 courses of 7.5 ECTS to reach 22.5 ECTS. During a Master term abroad at ICMS students take three courses per trimester. Per course you receive 4 Australian credits which generally can be translated to 10 ECTS per subject. Semester abroad students can choose from the entire course spectrum at ICMS with all specializations and majors (as long as their home university in Europe agrees to their choice of courses).
As a Master student you additionally have the opportunity to get a Graduate Certificate more information can be found here.

Studying at ICMS is very practice-oriented and our students are perfectly prepared for an international career. International students from ICMS especially value the innovative and creative teaching methods as well as practical relevance of the study course contents during their semester abroad in Australia. After completing your semester abroad, you will receive an official transcript of records as an overview and a proof of your courses and grades.

Etudier en Australie Programs at International College of Management, Sydney:

Semester Abroad > 

Studying in Australia at ICMS: A semester abroad in Australia has many benefits: The fantastic weather and the great location are just two of them. While your fellow students in Germany are looking for the summer, you have the beach right outside the door and you can surf after your classes. Studying at ICMS means studying in paradise!

Study in Australia - Semester Abroad at ICMS

Top-Up Bachelor > 

You have already studied in Germany for two years or completed a relevant school education? Now you would like to earn a bachelor’s degree, but do not want to start from scratch? The Bachelor Top-Up degree at the International College of Management, Sydney usually takes about 1-1 ½ years and offers you the perfect opportunity to build on your education.

Study in Australia - Bachelor Top-Up

Graduate Certificate > 

You have completed your Bachelor’s degree and would like to gain further knowledge in the field of economics, marketing, tourism or events? Then the Graduate Certificates at ICMS are the perfect chance to stand out from the crowd. During your two trimesters abroad at ICMS, you will have the opportunity to receive an Gradaute Certificate in addition to your transcript.

Study in Australia

Bachelor > 

Studying in Australia: After more than three years at the International College of Management, Sydney, you will not only be fluent in English, but also gain deep insights into the life Down Under and make many intercultural experiences.

Study in Australia - Graduate Certificate at ICMS

Master > 

ICMS has a lot to offer: First-class and experienced professors who often look back on many years of professional experience in business, practical teaching methods and an industry training give students at ICMS the necessary know-how for a successful international career.

Study in Australia - Master at ICMS

Any questions?

We look forward to talking to you in person via phone: + 49 (0) 6151 9674 666 or E-Mail: [email protected] – of course, without obligations and completely free of charge.

Study in Australia

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Gap Year > 

You just finished school and are not sure what to study yet? How about doing a Gap Year at the International College of Management, Sydney. At ICMS you will get your first international study and work experience without having to decide on a particular degree program.

Gap Year in Australia

Double Degree > 

You would like to get an Australian degree in addition to your German Bachelor’s degree? Come to ICMS and study 4 or 5 trimesters including Industry Training and receive a second degree from the International College of Management, Sydney.

Auslandssemester Australien - Studieren in Australien

Learn English > 

The International College of Management, Sydney offers you the opportunity to participate in a Diploma or Foundation Program as well as an English Language Course to improve your English skills.

Study in Australia - Learn English at ICMS