Tips & Tricks for Your Study Abroad Adventure

Do you dream of spending six months or a year abroad and of exploring the world, just like most European students? A study abroad period is not only eventful, fun and a great way to get to know a different country, culture and university – it also adds to your résumé and lets you grow personally.

However, a semester or study program abroad requires lots of thorough planning. The International Student Office does not only offer advice and support to students prior to and throughout their entire application process, but also assists with helpful tips regarding the organization of a study abroad adventure in general:  We have useful tips & tricks for you in a variety of topics:

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For more tips & tricks for your semester or study program abroad and many impressing experience reports by our students, please visit our Blog. If you have other questions concerning studying abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Study abroad student experiences

My First Days at UNCW –  Arrival

My First Days at UNCW – Arrival

U.S. Arrival and First Impression of my Study Abroad Destination – Sabrina D. I’ve never been to the U. S. before. Therefore, I was pretty excited about my first days at UNCW and the people and how their live would be here. In the beginning I felt pretty lost when I...

Hiking San Diego County

Hiking San Diego County

San Diego has a lot more to offer than just beaches and an amazing coastline. The nature further in the countryside has plenty of beautiful spots and popular hiking trails. A lot of them can be reached by car. Some hikes lead to marvelous waterfalls or breathtaking...

National University Study System

National University Study System

Student Report by Luca N. With this report I will try to inform you a bit about the student life and what to expect from studying at National University in San Diego. With all the other interesting things which you will experience during your time abroad, it is quite...

Accomodation, Student Mentors and Host Families at UNCW

Accomodation, Student Mentors and Host Families at UNCW

Student Report by Anna G. Housing at UNCW! Off-Campus or On-Campus? When deciding where you want to live during your time at UNCW, there are two options. You can either live on-campus or off-campus. Most of the International students I met so far are living on campus,...