Gap Year in Canada at Vancouver Island University

School’s Out and You Want to Discover the World? – Gap Year in Canada

You have successfully finished high school and wish to go abroad to explore a different part of the world? At the same time you are looking to experience university life first-hand without having to focus on a spexific study path? The Exploratory Studies Program at Vancouver Island University (VIU) offers you the chance of exploring university studies and campus life by taking courses in a variety of subjects. That way you can find the right program for you and learn how to make the most of studying at a comprehensive university. The study experience you acquire abroad will surely proof useful back at home and at the same time you will be able to experience one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world: British Columbia at Canada’s stunning west coast. Explore Canada and dabble in university studies at Vancouver Island University!

Gap Year at Vancouver Island University – Advantages

Professional English: Living and studying in Canada for a semester or entire year has many advantages: for one, you will improve your English skills enormously while living abroad and it will come naturally. This will surely make you stand out from the crowd when it comes to realizing your future career plans, whether you will decide for a full study program at a European university or a university abroad, or for a professional training.

Exploring Canada while getting career-ready: After going to school for years and working hard for their final grade, most high-school graduates probably long for a change of scene and are eager to explore the world, while their parents would be happy knowing their kids are enrolled in a university program or professional training. Completing a Exploratory Studies semester or full year at VIU, you can have it all: explore beautiful British Columbia and live in close proximity to one of the most fascinating cities in the world: Vancouver, with various leisure time possibilities, and during your term breaks you will have the chance to discover other spots in Canada as well! At the same time, you will study at one of the most popular universities at Canada’s west coast and can mix and match courses from different study areas according to your interests: Business & Management, Arts & Design, Humanities, Education, Social Sciences, Sciences & Technology as well as Tourism, Recreation & Hospitality.  Design your individual course schedule!

This way, you will be able to find out whether university studies is a path you want to pursue more deeply in the future, and if so, which study field is the right one for you. Upon successful completion of your Exploratory Studies Program you may be able to transfer the credits you earned at VIU to your future university in Europe*.

Living on campus and making friends from around the world: While studying in Canada for your Exploratory Studies, you have the chance to live on the beautiful VIU campus. The VIU student residences offer a variety of accommodation options in walking distance to all university facilities and leisure time oportunities. Whether single room or shared apartments on campus – living in the VIU residences you will quickly get in touch with students from around the world and are likely to make friendships for life.

Is the Exploratory Studies Program at VIU in Canada the right choice for you?

– Yes, the Exploratory Studies Program at VIU is perfect for you, if you

  • wish to spend time abroad after graduating high school
  • are looking to grow both personally and academically
  • want to improve your English skills notably
  • wish to upgrade your CV
  • are looking to get a taste of university and student life
  • wish to upgrade your education while exploring Canada

Is Vancouver Island the right place for your Exploratory Studies?

– Yes, Vancouver Island is the ideal place for Exploratory Studies in Canada, as it offers:

  • very high quality of living
  • various possibilities to do sports and to spend your leisure time
  • breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating landscapes

Is VIU the right university for your Gap Year?

– Yes, VIU is the optimal university for your Exploratory Studie Program, as it features:

  • highly qualified and experienced faculty and a broad variety of study fields
  • a safe campus in a breathtaking surrounding with many options to spend your leisure time outside
  • comprehensive support with the application process as well as on site
  • accommodation options on campus
  • outstanding learning environment

Gap Year in Canada – Tuition Fees

Fees at VIU are put together by tuition, application fee, ancillary fee and health insurance. Please find all current prices here.

Gap Year at VIU – Application

If you wish to apply for the Exploratory Studies Program at VIU, please submit the following documents via postal mail to our European office in Darmstadt, Germany:

  • Application Form
  • High School Transcripts (originals as well as certified translations into English)
  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Valid Passport Copy

*If you can transfer credits – and if yes, which amount of credits – you can transfer from VIU to your future university in Europe entirely depends on the guidelines of the university of your choice. Please inquire about credit transfer possibilities beforehand.

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Downloads & further information

Brochures and forms:

Please find more information as well as forms and guides for your study abroad term at Vancouver Island University in Canada below: