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Study Abroad Carefree with the Adequate Health Insurance

If you are planning to spend a semester or full study program abroad you are probably looking for an excellent international education, adventure and fun. However, in order to spend a carefree time abroad (or even to relieve your parents’ minds) you will need a decent health insurance abroad.

Even if you are insured through your parents in your home country, you still require an additional insurance to be protected in the event of an illness. Most universities abroad require that international students have adequate health insurance abroad during their semester or program away from home.

How Do I Get an Adequate Health Insurance Abroad?

There are different ways of how to acquire decent health insurance. One option is to talk to your health insurance provider at home to see what offers the company has for insurance abroad. Many travel agencies also work closely with health insurance providers and can give you some tips. Or you can research for the best health insurance abroad online. In any case, you should check for the providers’ integrity. You have great chances of receiving an attractive offer for your time abroad by your health insurance provider back home.

Health Insurance Abroad – What is important:

  • Is the health insurance provider reliable?
  • Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement, and will it be exceeded while studying abroad?
  • What exactly is covered by the insurance?
  • Is there a maximum cover for specific incidents?
  • Is the insurance accepted by your university abroad?
  • Is there a maximum amount deductible per incident
  • Will you be insured in your home country in case you travel back home during your studies abroad?
  • Can the insurance be extended?
  • Is the insurance payable on a monthly basis or does the entire amount have to be paid before your departure?
  • Will there be a refund in case you cancel your study program abroad?
  • Are eyes and teeth included in the insurance?
  • Are medical checkups included in the insurance?
  • Are preexisting and chronic illnesses included in the insurance (e.g. allergies, heart conditions, asthma, etc.)?

What Does Health Insurance Abroad Cost?

Costs for health insurance abroad depend on a number of criteria, for instance on age, destination, length of the stay abroad, or which treatments should be covered. Therefore, you should not necessarily bargain-hunt when it comes to health insurance abroad, but rather compare policies thoroughly.

It is important to know that many health insurance providers ask insurance holders to pay in advance for treatments and are reimbursed after filing the claim to the insurance company. Especially in the USA, costs for hospital and doctor bills can be fairly high, so we recommend taking your credit card with you wherever you go.

Furthermore, it is necessary to contact your health insurance provider right away in an insurance case. That way, you will know what steps need to be taken next, which documents you will need to hand in to your insurance company, and how to be reimbursed as soon as possible. In many cases, it makes sense to issue an authorization for insurance cases to your parents or other confidants, as it may be less difficult to contact the insurance company from the same country.

Consequently, if you want to study abroad, you should familiarize yourself with different options of acquiring adequate health insurance for your time abroad, and which health insurance plan is the best for you. As a result, you can hurl yourself into your big adventure – carefree!

Please note that some universities abroad, for instance, the International College of Management, Sydney and Vancouver Island University, require specific insurance plans or provide international students with their internal health insurance.

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