Semester Abroad in Canada

Advantages of a semester abroad in Canada

Endless vastness, breathtaking scenery, rugged coastlines and a unique wildlife make the West Coast of Canada a dream destination for students planning a semester abroad. Adding excellent universities to the mix, Vancouver Island is the perfect student destination.

Semester abroad Canada – Studying at VIU

The semester abroad at Vancouver Island University, runs either from January to April or from September to December. Students can take 5 courses per semester at VIU and can receive up to 30 ECTS. Undergraduate students can mix and match classes from our different undergraduate programs during their semester abroad at Vancouver Island University. A business administration student could thus also take a jazz course or a Photoshop course in addition to business courses (if this is permitted by the home university).  Graduate students can choose and mix classes from our MBA program (Master of Business Administration) and the Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management.

Another advantage of the semester abroad at VIU is that Vancouver Island University is a state university and still has a maximum course size of 34 students.
For a semester abroad at VIU you can apply for AuslandsBAföG (if you meet the requirements). In addition, we grant some scholarships through our office, organize competitions with cash prizes and support our students with further contests. More information about VIU can be found here.

Semester abroad Canada – How to spend your free time

If you love the outdoors, are into hiking, camping or practicing water sports, wandering through pristine forests and watching whales up close, then you should spend a semester abroad in British Columbia, Canada. The southern west coast of Canada is breathtakingly beautiful and offers something for everyone. Whether it is surfing in summer or skiing in winter, whale watching in the Pacific or climbing in the mountains, during a semester abroad in Canada you will definitely not be bored. Worldwide, Canadian universities enjoy an excellent reputation, offering their students highly equipped campuses, renowned professors, and innovative teaching methods. Thus, a semester abroad in Canada can be a great way to differentiate yourself from other students. Other advantages that are uniquely to Canada, are the comparatively low cost of living and tuition. Making sure there will be enough money left to travel this beautiful country during your semester abroad.

Semester abroad Canada – Your benefits

Should you stay in Canada for more than six months for your study abroad semester, you must apply for a visa, but you can also get a work permit to work part time during your studies. A semester abroad in Canada promises a lot of adventure like wild animals and starry nights around the campfire. But also highly equipped universities, multicultural cities and modern architecture are part of Canadian life. This is contrasted by untouched, wild nature and cool modernity of civilization. A semester abroad in Canada serves many tastes, whether nature lover or art lover. No wonder Canada has been listed among the top five countries with the highest quality of life for years. Any idea why you should not spend your study abroad semester in Canada? Request free information now!

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The semester abroad at the VIU is a great life experience because it gives you the opportunity to get to know many interesting new people in one of the most beautiful places in the world and make cross-cultural friendships. The VIU is the perfect starting point to explore the area next to your studies – be it through self-organized weekend trips or through the huge offer of the university.

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Semester Abroad in Canada, Vancouver Island University

Canada Programs at Vancouver Island University:

Semester Abroad > 

Canada semester abroad: Endless expanses, breathtaking scenery, rugged coastlines and unique wildlife make Canada's west coast a dream destination for students.

Semester Abroad in Canada

Bachelor degree > 

Bachelor degree - Speak perfect English, get international contacts and know Canada like your own pocket: Complete a bachelor's degree in Canada brings many benefits.

Bachelor in Canada at VIU

Master degree  > 

Academic excellence paired with whale watching, surfing in the Pacific, or exploring the Canadian Rockies - a master's degree in Canada makes it all possible.

Master in Canada - VIU

MBA Program > 

Your economics Bachelor degree is not enough for you? With the Canadian MBA degree of VIU you are ready for an international management career. Also open to non-business students!

MBA in Canada at Vancouver Island

Exploratory Studies > 

Taster study in paradise on Canada's beautiful West Coast: Experience the VIU campus and get a taste of university life - with no pressure and with guaranteed fun.

Exploratory Studies at VIU

Language Programs > 

The academic preparation program will prepare you for your studies. Discover Canada and improve your English by the way. You will never forget this adventure!

Language Programs at VIU

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