Study Abroad USA: Application to Westcliff University in Irvine, CA

How to apply for a study abroad term at Westcliff University:

The application process of Westcliff University runs completely through an Online Portal. The International Student Office in Darmstadt is the direct European office of Westcliff University and is happy to assist you completely free of charge during the entire application process.
We recommend starting your application 4-6 months prior to your designated start term. This ensures that you have enough time to gather all necessary documentation, find accommodation, apply for your visa as well as any financial support in advance without being in a time constraint before your departure.


1. Before you will be able to complete the online application, please send the following
information via eMail to our European Office of Westcliff University:

  • Your name and email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your field of studies (Bachelor vs. Master)
  • Length of study (one or two terms)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your physical address to which we can send your visa documents in the following steps

2. Moreover, you can already prepare your supporting documents as scans:

  • Transcripts in English
    (with original signature and stamp of your home university) – please include a separate list of courses in progress if they are not included on the transcript

  • Passport Copy (valid 6 months after the end of your program)

  • English Language Proficiency Test
    (TOEFL 60, IELTS 6.0, Duolingo 95, DAAD Certificate with minimum B2 level)

  • Proof of Financial Support*

*Please contact our office for the current requirements of Proof of Financial Support.

3. Westcliff application portal

Once we have received the information from Step 1, we will grant you access to the Westcliff application portal where you can upload the documents listed in Step 2
Applications submitted after the deadline (as mentioned above) must be approved by us in writing. Please also talk to your home institution before applying to Westcliff University.

4. Visa Application

When applying for a visa for the United States, a personal appointment at a US consulate or embassy is required (in Germany either Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich). Please allow some time to be able to schedule an appointment. Detailed information on the visa application process for your study abroad adventure at the Westcliff University can be found on the website of the German U.S. embassy and consulates.

5. Accommodation & Course Schedule

Westcliff University does not offer on-campus accommodation; however, the International Student Office as well as the Housing Department of Westcliff University is happy to assist students with finding accommodation in Irvine. We recommend starting the housing application as early as the university application to avoid stressful situations prior to your time abroad. The application will include one page to include your preferred courses during your semester abroad. A course list of all offered courses will be provided by us beforehand in order to discuss possible options and credit transfer with your home institution.

6. Health insurance

International students have the option to choose between a European health insurance or the health insurance provided by Westcliff University (European insurance is often cheaper and more flexible). We will inform you about the minimum requirements needed in order to qualify for approval by Westcliff University. Please let us know which health insurance you have chosen, so the information can be checked by WU.

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* Financial Proof

All students who want to spend a semester or more in the US are required to hand in some form of financial proof. This refers to an official letter from your bank or a completed form signed by an authorized bank employee confirming the availability of a certain amount in your bank account. The basis for this is the sum of the cost of living and tuition fees estimated by the US institution during the respective study period in the US.

Amount needed as proof for successful enrollment for study abroad at Westcliff University:

For semester abroad students: living expenses and tuition – $ 15,000 per semester.

Proof of financial proof through a “sponsor”:

If the funds are not under your name, a so-called “sponsor” can provide you with the financial proof. The sponsor and holder of the account needs to prove the funds by providing some confirmation from his bank. This way, the sponsor officially agrees to provide financial support to the applicant if necessary.

Please find below the application deadlines for the upcoming terms:

  • Session 1 (Aug 28, 2023): June 5, 2023
  • Session 2 (October 23, 2023): July 31, 2023
  • Session 3 (January 8, 2023): October 16, 2023
  • Session 4 (March 4, 2023) December 11, 2023
  • Session 5 (May 6, 2024): February 12, 2024
  • Session 6 (June 24, 2024): April 1, 2024

Late applications are typically not a problem. However, to ensure a smooth process please get in touch with our team as soon as possible. If you are planning to complete a study abroad term at WU, please contact the International Office of your home university and find out more about internal deadlines and regulations at your home institution.

Any questions about your Westcliff University application?

Feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or arrange a personal consultation – our service is free. We are happy to hear from you!