Photo Contest 2017

A Semester Abroad or a Complete Study Abroad Program – The Time of Your Life

Share the best moments of your study abroad period with us and win great prizes!


• you have spent (or are currently spending) a semester abroad or study abroad period at one of our universities – National University (USA), Vancouver Island University (Canada), or the International College of Management, Sydney (Australia)

• you have taken an impressive photo featuring “student life during study abroad” and can send it digitally via email to the International Student Office:

Rules of participation for our Study Abroad Photo Contest:

  • Participants must own the copyrights to their submitted photos.Fotowettbewerb_2015
  • Submitted photos must show motives regarding the topic “student life during study abroad” and should feature students, such as students groups on campus, course groups, students studying together, group photos shot during trips or at the beach, party and event pictures, group selfies etc. Photos showing less than three students will be disqualified.
  • Featured individuals who can be clearly recognized must sign a release form, which you can download here: Release Form Photo Contest. Please scan and send the release form along with your submissions via Email to or fax it to + 49 (0) 6151 9674 668. Submitted photos depicting individuals who have not signed a release form will be disqualified.
  • The copyright of submitted photos will become the property of the International Student Office (i.e. participants agree that their submitted photos can be used for marketing purposes and can be published outside the photo contest).
  • Photos are selected not only according to aspects of technique and quality (minimum 2MB) but also according to subject relevance.
  • Individual participants can submit up to 20 photos.
  • Submitted photos must be at least 2MB of size.
  • Please name your files in the following stile: „Your university_your name_photo motive“, e.g. „ICMS_John Smith_BBQ at Manly Beach“.
  • Deadline for submission is 10th April 2017.
  • Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

The award for the winning photo is 400 €. The second and third winning photo submissions will be rewarded as well: The second most impressive photo wins 200 €, the third winner receives a prize of 100 €. Fourth to tenth place will be rewarded with 20 € each. Besides the 10 most impressive photos, the jury will select one photo winning 50 € for the most creative submission. Below you can find the winning photos of our recent photo contests.

Have you shot the best study abroad photo of 2016? Send your greatest and most fascinating photos to:!

We are looking forward to receiving all submissions and wish you good luck and a great time abroad!

Photo Contests

Photo Contest Winners 2016

This year, we received many impressive photos from your study abroad experience in Australia, Canada or the USA, and show that you had a once-in-a-lifetime-experience and a great adventure. Our jury had a hard time selecting the winning shots and awarded 11 photos this year. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants for sending us your best photos!

Photo Contests

Photo Contest Winners 2015

Photo Contest Winners 2013/14

The jury had a hard time selecting this year’s winning photos – Many breathtaking and beautiful photographs made it to our office, which show that a study abroad period in Australia, Canada, and the USA is an unforgettable experience. Like last year, the jury awarded additional prizes: Two special awards for the most creative photos and additional winning photos were rewarded with 20 € each.

Thank you to all participants for submitting so many awesome photos!

Photo Contest Winners 2011/12:

The decision was not easy for our jury: We have received many impressive and gorgeous photos depicting the best moments during your study abroad experience. Because we think that most of the submitted photos deserve a prize, we have asked the jury to select not only the first, second, and third best submission but also to award nine additional winning photos with 20 € each. Thank you for taking part in our photo contest and for so many great submissions!