Study in Australia: Sydney

Sydney, probably the most famous city in Australia, is also the largest city in Down Under with a population of 5 million people. With 1,664 km², Sydney has everything to offer – amazing beaches, botanical gardens and parks, all kinds of leisure activities, bars and restaurants, shopping, festivals, markets – a never ending list of things to do for tourists and locals alike.

Just seven nautical miles from the city life, Manly is home to the famous Manly Beach, which is one of Sydney’s most popular beaches. Australians say Manly is “Seven Miles from Sydney, but a Thousand Miles from Care“.

Study in Australia

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Leisure time study abroad in Sydney

Due to the outstanding location of ICMS students can do various thing in their free time. Within 30 minutes, you can stroll through downtown Sydney and discover many shops, restaurants, museums and the world-famous opera house. And even the ferry crossing is a unique experience.

Living in Manly: Big City Life and gorgeous beaches right outside your door

You can enjoy the sun and the sea at the world-famous Manly Beach – a fabulous surf beach just five minutes from ICMS. Manly Beach is not only the ideal spot for recreational athletes like surfers, joggers, beach volleyball players, etc., but the festivals that take place throughout the year make everybody feel welcome. On the other hand, if you prefer a more quiet beach to relax or dive, head to Collins Beach or Shelly Beach. Both beaches are only a 5-10 minutes’ walk from ICMS.

No chance to be bored when studying abroad in Manly

In the evening, Manly offers numerous nightlife options. Whether it’s the Wharf Bar, Styne Bar, the New Brighton Hotel with the Shark Bar or one of the other bars and restaurants – there is always something going on in Manly. On weekends you can take a trip to nearby beaches like Palm Beach or Whale Beach, hike in the Blue Mountains or simply stroll through one of Sydney’s many parks.

At ICMS I experienced a unique semester abroad with unforgettable experiences and new friendships. There is no day when I don’t think back to this wonderful time!

Theresia B.

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Study in Australia: Climate

In Australia and the Southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite to ours in Europe. This means that while there is winter and minus degrees in Europe, you will be studying abroad in Australia’s summer and bathing season. In Sydney the average temperature in summer is 26 °C and the humidity is about 65%. With a water temperature of sometimes up to 23 °C you can clearly enjoy the summer and the beaches during your study abroad time in Australia. Surfing, snorkelling, sand boarding and much more is what ICMS students experience during their time in Manly. In the winter months between June and August, the temperatures are 8 – 17 °C, so you can still do outdoor activities in this season.

The ICMS campus: Castle flair with history and a park to relax

The university campus with its historic buildings and a 20-hectare park also invites you to relax or study under the sky. If you leave the ICMS campus and walk only a few meters, you are already in a part of the Sydney Harbor National Park, the North Head. Here you can walk to one of the beautiful vantage points and look for native animals in the almost untouched scrubland. At the same time, there is a former military base at North Head, where you can learn more about the history of Australia during the war.

Study in Australia

Study in Australia – Tips from our students:

Daytrips into the nature from Manly

Daytrips into the nature from Manly

Student report by Jessica M. - Daytrips into the nature from Manly One major benefit of studying at ICMS is the great scenery around it. The college is located in the north of Sydney, which offers numerous opportunities to go on daytrips and explore the country....

Living in a castle – On-campus Accommodation

Living in a castle – On-campus Accommodation

Student report by Jessica M. - Living in a castle – On-campus Accommodation At ICMS every student has the chance to apply for on-campus accommodation. There are different types of rooms, from individual to four-bed-bedrooms, but all of them have one thing in common:...

Travelling Australia

Travelling Australia

Student Report by Irene G. Why ICMS - and Australia? Some of you might have chosen ICMS not only because of the university itself or because of Sydney, but also because of the curiosity of discovering Australia. Australia is a beautiful, adventurous and many-sided...