You’ve always dreamt of studying in Australia, Canada or the USA for one semester or full study program? We can help you make this dream come true. Living and studying abroad for several months requires quite some planning.

In addition to application forms, proof of English proficiency, and your search for accommodation, you will need a visa for most study programs abroad. Generally, visas can be filed at the respective embassy in your country of residence. Whether you will have to schedule a personal interview at the embassy or whether online application is sufficient depends on the respective target country. You can read up on these regulations via our visa pages for Australia, Canada and the USA.

Please note that visa types and regulations vary depending on the respective country. Some countries allow students to work on their study visa while others restrict working when being enrolled full time. We have compiled the respective visa regulations and procedures for each of our three countries for you, and we are happy to help with our tips and experience. At this point we would like to advise you to contact your local embassy if you have specific visa questions.

Country specific visa information: