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Working in Australia while studying abroad

International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS)

The rewarding experience of studying abroad in Australia, could easily leave a mark on your wallet. In fact, there are many different ways of financing your studies at the International College of Management (ICMS) in Sydney. You can, for example, apply for one of our scholarships, take part in our photo and video competitions, or work abroad in Australia.

What kind of visa do I need to work in Australia?

With your student visa or the Working Holiday Visa, you are allowed to during your stay abroad in Australia. The student visa allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week during your semester at ICMS and even full-time during the semester breaks. The Working Holiday Visa allows you to stay in Australia and work full-time for several months before or after your studies abroad. However, keep in mind that the Working Holiday Visa can only be issued once in your lifetime!

Working in Australia – Minimum Wage and finding a job

Since the minimum wage per hour is about 21 AUD in Australia and therefore a lot higher than in Germany, it is really worthwhile to look for a part-time job to finance your living expenses and your travels. In Sydney as well as in Manly there are a lot of job opportunities right on your doorstep due to the many bars, restaurants and shops in the area.

In order to work in one of the many bars, restaurants or bottle shops, you need a so-called RSA Card (RSA= Responsible Service of Alcohol). For this purpose, a one-day course is usually required. You will learn how to responsibly sell alcohol, how to prevent alcohol poisoning and much more. Depending on the state, the RSA Card costs between AUD 40 and AUD 160.

Arbeiten in Australien

I loved working in Manly. I did not only have the chance to earn money but also got to know different people than during classes and additionally I got in touch with locals.

Alexandra R. – Study Abroad Australia

Master in Australia

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Arbeiten in Australien - Auslandsstudium in Australien

Etudier en Australie Programs at International College of Management, Sydney:

Semester Abroad > 

Studying in Australia at ICMS: A semester abroad in Australia has many benefits: The fantastic weather and the great location are just two of them. While your fellow students in Germany are looking for the summer, you have the beach right outside the door and you can surf after your classes. Studying at ICMS means studying in paradise!

Study in Australia - Semester Abroad at ICMS

Top-Up Bachelor > 

You have already studied in Germany for two years or completed a relevant school education? Now you would like to earn a bachelor’s degree, but do not want to start from scratch? The Bachelor Top-Up degree at the International College of Management, Sydney usually takes about 1-1 ½ years and offers you the perfect opportunity to build on your education.

Study in Australia - Bachelor Top-Up

Graduate Certificate > 

You have completed your Bachelor’s degree and would like to gain further knowledge in the field of economics, marketing, tourism or events? Then the Graduate Certificates at ICMS are the perfect chance to stand out from the crowd. During your two trimesters abroad at ICMS, you will have the opportunity to receive an Gradaute Certificate in addition to your transcript.

Study in Australia

Bachelor > 

Studying in Australia: After more than three years at the International College of Management, Sydney, you will not only be fluent in English, but also gain deep insights into the life Down Under and make many intercultural experiences.

Study in Australia - Graduate Certificate at ICMS

Master > 

ICMS has a lot to offer: First-class and experienced professors who often look back on many years of professional experience in business, practical teaching methods and an industry training give students at ICMS the necessary know-how for a successful international career.

Study in Australia - Master at ICMS

Any questions?

We look forward to talking to you in person via phone: + 49 (0) 6151 9674 666 or E-Mail: [email protected] – of course, without obligations and completely free of charge.

Study in Australia

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Gap Year > 

You just finished school and are not sure what to study yet? How about doing a Gap Year at the International College of Management, Sydney. At ICMS you will get your first international study and work experience without having to decide on a particular degree program.

Gap Year in Australia

Double Degree > 

You would like to get an Australian degree in addition to your German Bachelor’s degree? Come to ICMS and study 4 or 5 trimesters including Industry Training and receive a second degree from the International College of Management, Sydney.

Auslandssemester Australien - Studieren in Australien

Learn English > 

The International College of Management, Sydney offers you the opportunity to participate in a Diploma or Foundation Program as well as an English Language Course to improve your English skills.

Study in Australia - Learn English at ICMS