Housing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington

Once you have applied to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the question of where is the best place to live during your stay and what options are available will probably come up fairly quickly.

In the city of Wilmington, students generally benefit from relatively inexpensive rent and living expenses.

Students studying at UNCW for only one semester are advised to apply for on-campus housing, as you will get the most out of your short stay by living with other students and experiencing and immersing yourself in true American college life. On-campus, UNCW offers options including and excluding meals.

Further instructions on how to apply for on-campus housing will be provided upon submission of the Supporting Documents and completion of the online form.

Rates vary depending on room type and meals. A single room may be requested, but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed. More information can also be found at:

Off-campus accommodation

Of course, there is also the option of looking for off-campus housing. Wilmington itself is a beautiful harbor city directly on the Atlantic Ocean and thus it is a tempting idea to rent an apartment near the beach.

In order not to lose track with the multitude of offers, we can recommend the apartments of www.student.com. For Wilmington, you will find several great apartments there, all of which are perfectly tailored to the needs of students. Most of them are apartment complexes, which means that you can enjoy the benefits of having your own room with a bathroom, but you can still socialize with other students very easily. Depending on your preferences, you have the option of renting a single room or moving into a shared apartment for 2 or 4 students – even in that case you have your own bathroom and only the kitchen and living room are shared. The building complexes also include a variety of great amenities such as gyms or even a swimming pool, for example at the apartments Uncommon Wilmington or Wilshire Landing.

In terms of price, the apartments from www.student.com range around $700 per month, including the most important utilities. All apartments are close to the university and you can reach the campus within 20 minutes or less by foot.

Of course, there are many other providers where you can find apartments in different price ranges, sizes and locations. In the case of private rentals, we recommend having a live-look at the apartments first, before making any payment.

Unterkunft auf dem Campus der University of North Carolina Wilmington
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Unterkunft an der University of North Carolina Wilmington

Housing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington:

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Other ways to find suitable housing in Wilmington:

Many students decide to book a hotel or hostel for one or two weeks at the beginning, in order to be able to look around for apartments on site. It is advisable to inform yourself in advance and to consider possible appointments with landlords. Couchsurfing could also be an interesting option for the first days. In this way, you will already get to know locals during your first few days in the city, who can certainly also help you in your search for an apartment.

Furthermore, we would also like to recommend our current Facebook group of German students of the corresponding year to share apartment offers or post room requests. Become a member!

With more online listings, you have even more options and of course, the decision of where to spend your unforgettable time in Wilmington is absolutely up to you. General search engines for vacation rentals, shared apartments or private apartment rentals can be found here:

Sollten Sie Fragen zu Unterkünften haben, stehen wir vom europäischen Büro natürlich jederzeit zur Verfügung. Des Weiteren können Ihnen vor Ort auch immer unsere Kollegen des International Student Services Team weiterhelfen, die sich in Wilmington bestens auskennen.

Programs at University of North Carolina, Wilmington:

Semester Abroad > 

You can start your semester abroad at UNC Wilmington in North Carolina, USA, either in August or January each year. During your semester abroad your will take 5 courses.

Semester Abroad in the USA

Bachelor degree > 

Studying at the east coast of the US offers you great opportunities: amazing cities, well-known universities and interesting sights draw our attention to America’s east coast.

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Master degree  > 

A Master’s degree in the US provides even more benefits: fluent English skills, an international network and profound insights into the American way of life.

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MBA Program > 

Two universities, two countries: The unique MBA program of UNCW combines travel, adventure and cultural experience coupled with academic excellence.

MBA in the USA

Language Programs > 

A good command of English is essential in today’s working world. Unfortunately, English learned in school hardly suffices when it comes to more in-depth.

Language Programs at UNCW

Gap Year > 

The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers you a wide range of courses and subject areas for a Gay Year in the USA – ideal for your orientation after school.

Gap Year at UNCW

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