Sabine Sachs

Managing Director of the International Student Office

My name is Sabine Sachs and I am the Managing Director of the International Student Office. I completed my MBA in San Diego, USA. All in all I spent more than three years living and studying in California – a time I will never forget.

Upon completion of my MBA in the US, I represented the university in Germany and Europe, building institutional cooperation projects and partnerships. In my position of Director of International Business Development I established a broad network with European business universities. It was during this time that I realized the difficulties universities abroad face in bringing their profiles closer to European students, and on the other hand the need students feel to receive accurate information on their study opportunities abroad.

During my time as Director of International Business Development, other universities in English-speaking countries approached me with their wish to have their European offices headed by me and my team as well. This provided me with the chance to expand our offer of study options abroad and to join four non-competing universities from Australia, Canada, and the USA in one International Student Office located in Darmstadt, Germany. Our team works very closely with our colleagues abroad and as their direct office in Europe we are able to assist interested students with first-hand information and in different languages.

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