Study Abroad in the US: UNCW Programs

Study Abroad in the USA: University of North Carolina, Wilmington Programs

You are interested in studying in the USA at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington? Check out various study opportunities and programs at UNCW. Whether you want to live in America just after finishing High School, you wish to study a semester abroad, you plan to study your Master’s Degree in the USA or you simply want to improve your English skills – our UNCW programs provide study opportunities that fit your study plans!


Programs at University of North Carolina, Wilmington:

Semester Abroad > 

You can start your semester abroad at UNC Wilmington in North Carolina, USA, either in August or January each year. During your semester abroad your will take 5 courses.

Semester Abroad in the USA

Bachelor degree > 

Studying at the east coast of the US offers you great opportunities: amazing cities, well-known universities and interesting sights draw our attention to America’s east coast.

Bachelor in the USA

Master degree  > 

A Master’s degree in the US provides even more benefits: fluent English skills, an international network and profound insights into the American way of life.

Master in the USA

MBA Program > 

Two universities, two countries: The unique MBA program of UNCW combines travel, adventure and cultural experience coupled with academic excellence.

MBA in the USA

Language Programs > 

A good command of English is essential in today’s working world. Unfortunately, English learned in school hardly suffices when it comes to more in-depth.

Language Programs at UNCW

Gap Year > 

The University of North Carolina Wilmington offers you a wide range of courses and subject areas for a Gay Year in the USA – ideal for your orientation after school.

Gap Year at UNCW

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Brochures and forms:

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