A Trip to Banff and Yoho National Park

A Trip to Banff and Yoho National Park

Student report by Christina F. – A Trip to Banff and Yoho National Park

My best friend came to visit me and we wanted to make a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We rented a car in Vancouver and let’s go!

Yoho National Park

Our first drive took round about 8 hours to a little town called Golden. Golden is part of the Yoho National Park. There we slept for one night in a Motel. I have to confess that I always was a little bit skeptical towards Motels but it was quite nice and a really good option if you want to save some money. In the next morning we get started! I was really excited with all the expected images in my mind. The first destination was the Emerald Lake. Unfortunately our expectations were quickly dashed. At the end of March there is still winter in the mountains. We were surrounded by snow, ice and a frozen lake. It was still a beautiful sight tho but not the expected lake in spring. Additionally we weren’t wearing the appropriate clothes so we just walked a bit over the lake, took some picture and leave again.

So make sure you are informed what the lakes look like when you travel there and wear proper gear but the nature is still beautiful and worth a visit. Just adjust your expectations!

Banff National Park

After visiting the Yoho National Park we drove to Banff. Banff is not really far. It is about an one hour drive. Banff is a really cute little town. It reminds me a bit of a Swiss ski village. Unfortunately everything was shut down because of the Corona Virus so I can’t really say much about things going on there. Anyway it looks like a really nice place to be, I think especially for ski and winter fans there is a lot to do. I’m quite sad that we couldn’t do much there but somethings we did. We went to the famous Lake Louise. Same thing here, the lake was frozen but the landscape was amazing. Here is really not promised too much – definitely worth a visit.

The kids were playing ice hockey on a prepared area on the lake. So if you are an ice hockey fan I think it is worth being on your bucket list. I think usually it is also possible to do ice skating here but again because of the Corona Virus everything was shut down. Moreover we visited the Takakkaw Falls but they were frozen and you couldn’t really see the waterfalls it was just about imagine how it would look like.

In conclusion tip for you guys: Come here in summer there is a lot more beautiful nature to see but a drive through the parks is really stunning and a nice experience.