A trip to Myrtle Beach

A trip to Myrtle Beach

Student report by Maxim F. – A Trip to Myrtle Beach

During the weekend of labour day, me and my roommates went on a trip down to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is a pretty famous destination to travel to for the weekend that a lot of people recommended to us. It takes about two hours to drive down there. Luckily one of my roommates is American and he has a car. So, on Saturday we woke up early and drove to Myrtle Beach. We were there for only one day and drove back in the evening. But, we made the most out of our time at Myrtle Beach.


Myrtle Beach I would say is more crowded than the beaches in Wilmington. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants which attract tourists, especially during labour day weekend. But, this also means that there are more activities that you can do. They offer parasailing, helicopter tours, and there are also a lot of nice restaurants. There is also a ferris wheel and near the beach there are a lot of awesome looking minigolf courses. So, you will have plenty of options to entertain yourself.

The beach itself is really nice and it is also very large. We played some beach soccer and also football which is always fun. Moreover, I would recommend going to the pier at Myrtle Beach. You have a great view from there. And, there are a lot of fishermen on the pier. One of them told us that one day before we got there a 10 year old child managed to catch a 1.5 meter long shark. We did not see any sharks and I am not sure if I am happy about that or not. But, you do not have to be too afraid of sharks because there are a lot of people swimming in the ocean.


Overall, Myrtle Beach is definitely a place worth visiting. It is not too far away from UNCW and offers a bunch of fun activities. However, we think that Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington is prettier. So, it is good to go visit Myrtle Beach for a couple of days and then enjoy that such a beautiful beach like Wrightsville Beach is right around the corner.