Campus Life – Study Abroad Australia

Campus Life – Study Abroad Australia

Campus Life

Report by Lisa S.

In this report I will talk about the life on campus addressing both academic and leisure time issues.

I am very glad with the decision to live on campus. It is very convenient, fun, easy and saves travel time. Currently, the International College of Management is renovating the rooms. I am lucky to stay in a room that was just renovated during the last semester break. Each room has a bed with a little bedside table, a desk, a book shelf, a pin board and wardrobe with a mirror. As seen in the photo, the room is held in white with a blue carpet. The old rooms seem not as friendly due to the darker, brown furniture.

There are single-rooms as well as shared rooms available. The shared-rooms are cheaper and provide therefore a great option to save money. Personally, I enjoy staying in a single-room, but many people enjoy staying in shared rooms.

When staying on campus, three meals during the week are included as well as two meals during the weekend (brunch and dinner). Furthermore, there is a fridge and a microwave located on each floor. The cleanliness really differs from floor to floor. My floor is a little quieter and mostly clean. My food never got stolen. However, I heard people saying their food got taken by other students.

ICMS has a library with computers and syndicate rooms for studying. Printers are also located in the library. When printing, documents are uploaded online and the student ID is used to log on to the printer. Every student abroad receives a 50AUD printing balance in the beginning of the term. One page costs 10 cents, when printing in colour, the price doubles. In case more printing is required, the balance can be topped up at the reception.

Among other books, you can find the book required for the lectures in the library. However, the books are not available for borrowing and can only be looked in at the library. Used books can be purchased online or via the Rotaract Club, a social student organisation.

Because I didn’t want to purchase the books, I went to the public library in Sydney to borrow the books. The registration happens online and costs about $25. Books can be borrowed for 12 weeks and therefore kept for the whole term. The availability of books can be checked online.

Every week, there are parties and events planned at ICMS. The college has its own bar with cheap drinks, couches and a billiard table. There are also many possibilities to get involved at the college with student clubs and assertions like the Rotaract club or the Living Waters association, which is a Christian group or by attending one of the several sport activities.