Classes at ICMS – Jasmin M. – Study Abroad Australia

Classes at ICMS – Jasmin M. – Study Abroad Australia

Classes at ICMS – Jasmin M.

Report by Jasmin M.


LecturerersThe ICMS offers a great variety of interesting courses for every subject of study. I am confident that everybody will find some courses that match their interests and learning objectives. With the letter of offer I received a list with all courses I was allowed to choose from. The course offer was a bit overwhelming and I had a hard time to make a decision as there were so many classes that seemed appealing to me. The courses had different numbers, which indicated the level of difficulty of each course, furthermore I saw on the list some of the courses were not offered in my term, however, there were still a number of interesting courses for me to choose.





My courses

Computer RoomMy German University wanted me to choose 4 classes and additional 2, in case one of my desired courses is already full or won´t be offered that term, or just does not fit into my schedule.

My choice was:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Brand Management and Strategy
  • Cross-Culturl Management
  • and the additional 2:

  • Managing People & Organisations
  • Consumer Behaviour

All of my courses were available for me, except Brand Management and Strategy, which was replaced by Managing People & Organisations, which was absolutely fine for me.
The ICMS staff is really trying to allocate all students to the courses they actually wanted to attend. If there is any course you are not happy with or you have some troubles with your schedule or you want to change something, you have the opportunity to do so, during the first week at the head office. The staff is very friendly and helpful.


Level of difficulty

University ICMSThe average class size is between 25 and 30 students which enables the lecturers to elaborate on explicit questions of every student. The classrooms are equipped with modern technology but haven´t lost the traditional charm of that impressive building. As mentioned before, the courses have different numbers, depending on the level of difficulty. The “100” courses can be described as lectures that equip students with the basic knowledge and the principles of a topic, these courses set the basis for all further courses. The “200” courses go a little more into detail and help to deepen your knowledge of a specific field. The “300” courses are in-depth studies and it can be of great value if you understood the basics of this subject to be able to follow the lessons.