Tips for long-haul flights

Tips for long-haul flights

Student report by Svenja D. – Long-haul flights

Below you can find some tips for long-haul flights including my travel essentials and what to think about before and during the flight.

What to pack- My Travel Essentials

  1. Pair of warm socks
  2. Toque
  3. Scarf
  4. Layers
  5. Sleep mask
  6. Snack
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Smaller bag
  9. Toothbrush


Think about before the flight

Like getting up frequently or having a weak bladder? Choose an Aisle seat.

Love the views? Grab a window seat.

On one flight to Canada I got to see northern lights and it was magical!!

What I usually also like to think about before flying over to Canada is the Time-Zones. As soon as I get on the plane, I try to think how late is it at my destination? How long do I want to sleep and when do I want to stay awake?  Don´t overthink this but I think it makes adapting to time zone easier. For me it also helps, not having coffee in the morning before the first flight and no alcohol on the flight day.



Before getting on the plane

Ask if there is a row with a free middle seat or a free row in general! It is so worth it, most of my flights to Canada I was super lucky having either a whole row for myself or a free seat in the middle which ads an insane amount of comfort.

This tip  is probably only concerning a few people but normally you can request up to 48 hours before departure a special meal request e.g. vegan, gluten-free etc.


On the flight

Above you can find a list of things that I always pack for my longer flights. As you can see most of these items surround the thought of not getting cold on the flight. What I realized throughout my travels is that (depends on where you are sitting and which Airlines your traveling with) it can get chilly even with the blankets provided.

What I used take with me, but I think got kind of unnecessary is the travel neck pillow. Airlines do provide pillows as well as the headrests are partially adjustable which makes things quite comfy.

Before I enter the plane, I usually put the things I would want directly with me at my seat in an extra bag. Therefore, I can put my backpack up in the overhead bins and do have more space for stretching out etc.

The next point might sound weird but there is nothing better than a quick fresh up hour before landing, moisturizing your face and get a quick brushing teeth session in.


On the plane

During Corona times a mask is mandatory with most of the Airlines. My advice would be take different versions of face covering with you so you don’t have to wear the same one all the time!

  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep moving
  • Thirsty? You can always go to crew ask for something to drink or snack, usually in the rear or middle of aircraft
  • Close seatbelt over banket so the crew doesn´t have to wake you up in case seat belt signs go on

Maybe some of these tips can help you improve your flight experience!

Safe travels,