Weekend Trip to Hunter Valley

Weekend Trip to Hunter Valley

Student story by Carina G.

Australia is a big country with so many different landscapes: You can enjoy the most beautiful beaches, mountain areas as well as the outback. Even New South Wales and the region around Sydney has those different sceneries to offer. Since ICMS is located directly next to the beach, students also enjoy travelling around NSW to get to see what Australia has to offer. Very famous destinations for those kind of trips are the Blue Mountains as well as Hunter Valley. The Blue Mountains is one of Australia´s most spectacular national parks and close to Sydney. The area offers a variety of different activities and a change of scenery compared to the Northern beaches around Sydney.

Hunter Valley View

Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley is a famous wine region north of Sydney which is commonly used by people living in and around Sydney as a little weekend trip away from the stress in the city. As it offers the perfect temperature for wine to grow, you can find many different wineries as well as chocolate factories, little farms and golf courses. If you want to experience an unforgettable weekend away from university, you should definitely consider Hunter Valley. It offers aqua golfing, horseback riding in the most beautiful scenery, hot air balloon rides and many other different unique experiences. Aqua golfing is great fun as you shoot golf balls into a lake and try to aim at little score boards.

Balloon Ride in Hunter Valley
During a weekend trip up to Hunter Valley, I was able to go on a hot air balloon ride. It is definitely an unforgettable experience and so worth the money! We left early in the morning for sunrise and while setting up all the equipment we were accompanied by kangaroos. When the sun was rising we headed up in the air and saw the most beautiful scenery of vineyards and mountains covered in a whiff of haze. It is a very relaxing atmosphere up in the balloon and it feels like being in heaven as you see the beautiful landscape underneath you. It is also a great opportunity to take amazing pictures of the Australian landscape. As a part of the whole balloon experience, you get a champagne breakfast after the flight. This rounds up the whole experience and gives you the best start into the day. If you want to make your experience in Australia unforgettable, I can definitely recommend this amazing ride in Hunter Valley to you.

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