Study Abroad at National University – Videos USA

Feel like studying abroad in California?

Are you looking for living pictures and impressions of National University for a thrill of anticipation for your study abroad adventure in the USA?

We have compiled a variety of videos featuring National University students, San Diego and Los Angeles, university life and leisure time activities.

Find out what it means to live and study in one of the most spectacular places in the world!

Study Abroad at National University, San Diego & Los Angeles (USA)

Meet students from around the world and engaging professors of National University in San Diego & Los Angeles. Find out what they like most about studying at National University and how they spend their leisure time in in California!

National University, San Diego – A Day in the Life of a Student

National University student Eugen shows you what it’s like to live and study in “America’s Finest City” San Diego, California.

Jana G. – Beach Cruising at National University

National University student Jana takes you with her on a spin along the beautiful beach and neighborhoods in her favorite place: Pacific Beach, San Diego.

National University, San Diego – Student Life in California

National University student Tom shows you what it’s like to live and study in “America’s Finest City”, San Diego. Courses, outdoor activities, and fun at the beach – student life in San Diego is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Justus B. – National University, California – A Trip to Los Angeles

National University student Justus takes a trip to Los Angeles with his friends and shows you his highlights of the “City of Angels”.

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