As of January 2022, a semester abroad in attendance at the National University in San Diego will no longer be possible. More information can be found here.

Study Abroad in the US: National University Application

Due to National University’s flexible one-course-per-month format, students can start most programs in the beginning of any month throughout the year. To make sure that you have sufficient time to organize your visa, flight, health insurance, and accommodations, applications and documents should be sent at least 4-6 months prior to your preferred start date.

If you wish to study at National University for a semester abroad, please contact your home university’s international office for individual application deadlines.

National University

Application Process:

Step by step guide for your application at National University

To apply at National University, you can either contact your home institution’s international office (e.g. semester abroad) or contact us directly (e.g. free-mover or full-time students). You will receive an email with all the important information as well as the link to our online application portal. Please find a detailled instruction on how to fill in the online application correctly here.


Step 1: Registration

Start your application by registering online with your personal details and an email address that you frequently check. Enter your information, including your desired NU program, prior education, and visa status. Click SUBMIT at the end.

IMPORTANT! Please do NOT use special characters such as umlauts (ä, ö, ü), “ß,” or accents in all statements as these letters cannot be processed by this system.

Step 2: Application Fee

The application fee of $ 65 USD will be waived for all international students- You will be forwarded automatically to step 3 within 24 hours.

Step 3: Upload your documents

Please upload the following application documents as a scan in the Online Portal:

  • Proof of English Proficiency: TOEFL, IELTS, DAAD, Cambridge Certificate, English Language Program of NU
  • Certified copies of official university transcripts and other higher education certificates in English as well as in their original language. For Master semester abroad students we require the Bachelor Transcript incl. courses and grades as well as the Bachelor Certificate (diploma) – each in English and including the stamp and signature of the home institution
  • Financial statement form
  • Current bank statement for tuition and living expenses of  $3,865 per course for a semester abroad or $ 4.187 for students in the double degree prorgram.
  • Non Degree Verification Form incl. your choice of courses (2 courses per month of study abroad only from Excel course list)
  • Valid passport copy

Step 4: Orientation

If accepted to National University, you will be required to attend an orientation session. After the session, please complete step 4 and indicate that you participated and click SUBMIT.

Any questions?

For questions about the documents to be submitted, please contact us directly. We are happy to assist you at + 49 (0) 6151 9674 666 or via email.

Online studieren an der National University
Online semester at National University
Virtueller Orientation Call

Choice of courses – Tips & Tricks

An overview of all courses from which you can choose can be found in the download area. Please note that you only take one course per month, which you complete with a final exam after 4 weeks.

If you need further information on the course content, the easiest way to obtain it is from the current course catalog of the NU. In the catalog you can search for course title or course number. If this description is not sufficient, you can also search on the NU website: www.nu.edu. You can obtain further information via the search field at the top right if you enter the course number (e.g. MKT302A) or the course title (Marketing Fundamentals). In order to receive a detailed module description, simply send me the required information by email so that I can request it accordingly.

It is best to always specify a first and a second choice when choosing a course, in case a course should be canceled, you do not have the necessary previous knowledge or something similar. Most international students take 4 courses, which are usually converted to 30 ECTS by the home university.

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FAQs Application process

What information do I enter about my studies abroad?

Please always note that you will be a “full time” student as you are enrolled as a full-time student with an F-1 visa. For a Bachelor’s study abroad semester, you should always enter “Undergraduate Non Degree Student”. Master’s students should enter “Graduate Non Degree Student”.
Please note that your start date is the month in which you will take your first class, not the month in which you participate in your mandatory orientation.

How much school information do I have to enter?

Your university education is sufficient. You do not have to enter elementary or high school here.

I am receiving an error message after step 1

Please check if you have used any special characters such as umlauts (ä, ö, ü) or a “ß.” Remove all special characters, then try again.

Address and Emergency Contact

Please make sure that you fill in all of your details – street, house number, ZIP code, and city – so that your immigration documents will be sent to the correct address.

Please also enter all address details as well as the telephone number of your emergency contact.

Details about your application

Please make sure that you enter the following information: Registering via the European Office of National University in Germany.

What happens if I want to postpone my start date?

Please go to step 4 and click “Deferment to Another Start Date.” You will then be redirected to step 1. Here you must reenter your details and press SUBMIT. If you have already received an I-20, you will receive a new one.

What happens if I enter wrong information but cannot change it?

Please contact the International Student Office.

Downloads and further information