Visa Australia

If you wish to study in Australia you require a valid visa. In order to complete a study abroad term at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) you can choose between the Working Holiday Visa and the Study Visa. In the following paragraphs we have compiled some information on both types of visa:

Working Holiday Visa Australia

The Working Holiday Visa enables you to study in Australia for up to 4 months, so you can apply for this type of visa for completing a study term at ICMS. During the study term you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week next to your studies, and 40 hours a week during term breaks. The Working Holiday Visa is valid for one year and it mostly is less expensive than the Study Visa. It is granted only once in a lifetime and you can apply for it only if you are less than 30 years of age. If you are thinking of living in Australia again after your study period at ICMS, you might want to consider the Study Visa for now.

Find more information on the Working Holiday Visa here.

Student Visa Australia

The Student Visa offers students the opportunity to live and study in Australia for one term or a full degree program. The Student Visa is a little more costly than the Working Holiday Visa, but lets you work in Australia for 20 hours per week during study terms and 40 hours per week during term breaks as well. Please note that you are required to obtain Australian health insurance, the co-called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), when applying for a Student Visa. Please contact us for more information and helpful links regarding the OSHC. You may apply for your Student Visa as early as 124 days prior to term start at ICMS, when you received your Confirmation of Enrolment Number (CoE Number) upon successful application to ICMS.

Find further information on the Student Visa here.

Both the Study Visa and the Working Holiday Visa can be filed online and are usually issued within a couple of days. Medical examinations are not needed in most cases, as long as you have not recently resided in an area with yellow fever.
Please contact an Australian embassy near you if you have specific questions regarding visa types for Australia.
(All information given above is subject to change.)

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