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Study abroad Australia – Which visa do I need?

Studying in Australia with the student visa

A student visa is suitable for anyone who wants to study in Australia for one or more terms. If you would like to come to ICMS for a semester abroad, for a bachelor Top Up or Double Degree or if you would like to complete a full bachelor’s or master’s degree at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), Australia, the student visa is the right choice for you. With your student visa you are even allowed to work 20 hours per week during the study terms and 40 hours per week during the term breaks.

When can I apply for my student visa?

You can apply for your student visa at the earliest 124 days (approx. 4 months) before the beginning of your studies and only if you are already fully enrolled at ICMS. Your visa will usually be sent to you by e-mail within 48 hours. We recommend that you apply for your visa in time if there are any questions from the Immigration Department. In some cases, a medical examination is required. For detailed information, please refer to the Australian Immigration Department website.

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How long is my student visa valid?

The visa for studying abroad in Australia is valid from the date of issue. Therefore, no entry date is noted, but you can’t enter Australia more than 124 days before the beginning of the study. That means entering the country depends on the status of your application and the application period. In general, the student visa is granted for at least the duration of your study visit. How long the visa is valid depends on the duration of your study abroad and can be obtained by the Global Service Center. For a bachelor’s term abroad, the student visa is usually valid for up to one month after completing your study abroad at ICMS.

Which documents do I need for the application?

You need a valid passport to apply for the student visa for Australia. Experience has shown that the passport must cover the planned stay in Australia and remain valid until you leave. However, we always recommend checking with the visa office. Only the visa office has the authority to give reliable information about the visa for Australia.

In addition, you must already have received the ICMS Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You need the CoE number in the document to apply for your visa. The Confirmation of Enrolment confirms that you are properly enrolled at ICMS.

For a student visa, the Overseas Student Health Cover Insurance (OSHC), which is an Australian health insurance, is mandatory. You can organize the OSHC yourself or apply for the OSHC through us, the ICMS. In order to apply for OSHC via ICMS, you must tick the corresponding box in your Confirmation of Enrolment Request (CoE Request). You will receive the CoE Request along with your Letter of Offer (LoO), after your full application has been received and processed by us. This way, our Australian colleagues arrange the OSHC. The insurance can be arranged via ICMS from one week prior to your studies until the end of the student visa. If you arrive earlier, you are obliged to look after your own OSHC for the time between your arrival and the start of the OSHC. If you wish ICMS to arrange your OSHC for your additional time, you only need to inform us in time about your early arrival and pay the additional fees (individual arrangements).

Visum Australien
Visum Australien

How much is a student visa?

Currently the student visa is 650 AUD (as of Sept. 2022). As the price may change, please check the price on the embassy website.

How does the application process for the student visa work?

You apply online to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, a maximum of 124 days prior to your study start. On the website, you open an Immi account and after this has been unlocked, you can apply for your student visa. Usually, you will be asked questions about yourself, your background, English skills, etc. You also need to prove that you are only in Australia for study reasons, which means that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant. If you succeed, you will receive a Transaction Reference Number which you can use to check your application.
There are always changes to the visa application, so please check with the Australian Immigration Service.

Study in Australia with the Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa is primarily for people between the age of 18 and 30 who would like to travel and work in Australia. With this visa, you also have the opportunity to study for up to 4 months in Australia. If you plan to study in Australia for more than 4 months, you will need to apply for the classic student visa. You can apply for a working holiday visa only for the Bachelor semester abroad (one trimester) at ICMS. The working holiday visa offers you, in addition to the study permit, an unlimited work permit for Australia. For students from Switzerland and Austria, the working holiday visa is not valid. In this case, please contact the Australian Immigration Department directly.

The Working Holiday Visa is valid for one year and is usually cheaper than the study visa. However, it can only be issued once in a lifetime. So, if you plan to live in Australia after your ICMS study visit, you should consider the student visa.

At the ICMS I felt right at home. I really enjoyed the time in Australia and at the ICMS and can recommend studying abroad to anyone.

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